• 4 Tips to Choose Garden Irrigation System

    They were right when they said water is life because it supports many of them. But hand-watering those lawns, gardens, and flower beds consumes time. For your garden, in particular, you have to decide the most convenient way to distribute water to your veggies. The solution is an irrigation system. The challenge lies in choosing one. Here are the four tips you need in choosing a garden irrigation system.

    1. Soil Type

    There are different types of soil, and each one has its own capacity for holding water, penetration, and absorption. The exact make-up of soil you have in your garden will affect how it absorbs water, and you will, therefore, have to use a different irrigation system. For example, if it’s clay soil, it will absorb more water while sand will absorb less.

    Finding out about your soil type is vital since it will help you choose a better irrigation method. There are two types of irrigation systems to choose from which are drip irrigation system that usually distributes water to the root zones and sprayers or sprinklers which scatter water through the air.

    1. The Size of Your Garden

    If your garden is small, you could go for the simplest irrigation method which is the watering can. You only have to refill the can with the rainwater you collected. Even though it’s not the most common way of watering your plants, it can be part of your routine while you observe your garden.

    If your garden is larger, watering by handis not suitable. You can go for a garden hose. They are simpler to set up and very affordable. Remember that you will need a tap to connect the hose so make sure that the tap is close to your garden. What if there is no tap nearby? You can use a liquid transfer hand pump and connect your hose to it. The hand pump is the best alternative as it helps you dispense liquids effectively from the container.

    You will have to do a lot which you might not find that convenient. Therefore, when buying a hose, find one that is longer and comes with different settings so that you can control the water flow according to the plants you are watering. Also, choose one that you can afford and will last.

    1. Consider the Water

    Water is an important factor in choosing your garden irrigation system. The location of water and its availability is of concern. Which is your source? A pond, lake, well, a water tank? When water pressure is low, you will most likely rule out the sprinkler. A drip system will be more appropriate.

    The other thing to consider is whether the water contains any minerals or chlorine. Rainwater is pure, but tap water is usually treated. Treated water can damage the leaves if sprayed, and the best way to apply it to your soil is through a drip.

    Most drip irrigation systems require filtration to clear the minerals or chemicals that would ruin the plants from underneath. Consider testing your water for water-borne pathogens before using it.

    1. Types of Plants Matter

    The plants you have in your garden will determine the kind of irrigation you will use. For instance, you will need a different system for herb garden than for your lawns. It will also depend on whether you have hanging baskets, container, trees, shrubs, vegetable beds, seed beds, etc.

    Some plants will catch a fungal infection if you use a water spray system, and some plants can be overgrown therefore blocking the water from reaching all corners of the garden.


    Sometimes you may not depend on the rain to nourish your plants, but you want to see them green and happy. Don’t wait. Find an irrigation system that can take care of your needs and while choosing one consider the tips above.

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