3BHK Gandhinagar Home Designed With Simplicity And Harmony | Spaxis Design

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David Hicks once said, “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” Helly Shah and Sanjana Kantawala of Spaxis Design, truly believe in this doctrine and therefore, ensure that their designs captures the essence of the people who would inhabit the house. This 3BHK Gandhinagar home designed with simplicity and harmony, and order, form the pillars of the Minimalism Ideology that the homeowners believe in.

3BHK Gandhinagar Home Designed With Simplicity And Harmony | Spaxis Design

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“The most important thing while designing any space is to not overdo it. It not only adds chaos and clutter, but also kills the individuality of the persons residing in the space. We have strived to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and create a décor that is true to them and their identity,” say Sanjana and Helly.

The first thing that you are greeted with when you enter the house is the neatly detailed front door. With uniformly parallel grill integrated into the wooden structrue and highlighted by the vintage arcs on the top, the front door is designed keeping in mind the neat arc and rounded corners used in the design in the entire house.

The foyer transitions into the living room with a neutral colour pallete and a slender entry table. Even the  wall hangings and the lightings in the foyer are kept in tune with the style and theme of the house – neat, minimal and uncluttered.

The living room is bright with a timeless colour palette of white and blue. The curved-fluted paneled wall that transitions into a raw concrete-nook-arc adds more character to the room and becomes a design focal point.

The subtle Carolina Blue sofas with baby blue curtains give the right pop of colour, at the same time, the earthy tones of the rug give the elegant centre table a lift. The iconic clock, and the expertly placed plants throughout the space add liveliness to the room and are the testament to the sophistication of the design.

The dinning table chairs are designed to be comfortable and immaculate. The floating cabinets on the wall are the perfect solution for storage and display.

The grey textured wall, with the grey marble flooring is in perfect harmony with the grey textured nook in the white wall of the living room which irrevocably creates a cosy homogenity between the dinning room and the living room nestled in the open space plan.

The first bedroom is a classic composition of structure and design. Although the colour scheme is a mix of muted blue-greys, the earthy tones of the wooden furniture and the olive green of the headboard give it a warm boost.

The cubbyhole at the end of the full-length sliding closet is ideal for storage as well as display; while the rounded corners of the mirror make us nostalgic for the arcs used in the design in the living spaces. The study space, with a beautifully crafted desk and floating shelves, is a sanctum for the intellectual.

This bedroom is cozily engulfed in brightness and warmth. The paneled wall creates a focal point and the bed’s wooden headboard with horizontal woodgrain acts as the flawless break in the design.

The chic oblong mirror adds to the subtle ensamble of the room, while the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe ensures a beautiful functionality.

The Mother’s Bedroom has a sense of venerability. The wall paneling is subtle and yet adds to the character of the room. The scone-like lamps at either ends of the bed gives it an elegant look.

The Sacramento green of the closet, and the dressing nook with backlit mirror and pendant light are in direct contrast with the vintage look of the room. These add a dash of modernity to the mix and make the room even more interesting.


Designed by : Spaxis Design

Project Type : Residential Interior

Project Name : The Minimal Nook

Location : The Palm, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Year Built : 2022

Duration of the project : 5 months

Project Size : 1200 sq.ft

Project Cost : 19 lakhs

Principal Designers : Sanjana Kantawala & Helly Shah

Photograph Courtesy : Pixellus Photography

Products / Materials / Vendors : Materials – wood, royal teak veneer and MDF / Paint – asian Royale, PU polish, Grey RCC texture, mealamine polish for veneer / Lights – philips and Ikea / Furnishings – V9 home décor, Vadodara.

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