3BHK Apartment Capture the Essence of Their Rajasthani Roots | The Design Alley

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3BHK Apartment Capture the Essence of Their Rajasthani Roots| The Design Alley

DESIGN APPROACH Designing someone’s dream home is the most crucial thing to do for any designer. As the saying goes, “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”, it is very important that the people staying in that home relate to it. The Design Alley studio believes in this philosophy. So, when the studio was approached to design a decent 3BHK apartment for a small family of four, we organically decided to capture the essence of their Rajasthani roots into our design.

Hence, we have made sure that while achieving the vibe of a contemporary home in a modern setting, the spirit of their hometown in Rajasthan never parts away. While we were sure about our design philosophy, the conditions on site were altogether a different ball game.


The compact 3BHK apartment practically has no balconies and no spectacular view from the windows. So, the challenge here was to design a self-sufficient ambience that doesn’t need to borrow charm from the exteriors. Therefore, it was decided to play with different colours, patterns and textures.

Keeping the basic canvas in light shade of grey, the space is accentuated with veneer panelling that renders warmth to it. Soft furnishings, paintings and accessories bring in the colours and patterns that break the monotony.


LIVING – DINING – KITCHEN Making the most of the linear arrangement of these three spaces, they have been divided by L-shape seating and a high rise breakfast counter, yet are visually connected.

The main feature though is the ceiling that is seamless and throughout all the spaces. Linear illuminated niches run in the ceiling that eventually culminate into a veneer panelled wall in the Living space.

. This panelling acts as a T.V. unit and also appends the Main entrance door when open. The furniture is a mix of both traditional and contemporary.

The form of the seating, centre table, dining table, kitchen platform etc. is contemporary to ensure best utility but at the same time, their details, fabric motifs and colours, kitchen dado patterns are inspired from the traditional design ideologies.

THE PASSAGE A long passage that connects all the spaces of the house is probably an inevitable part of any apartment. Taking up the challenge, this linear passage with beams of different depths hanging over it is transformed into an interesting usable space.

A mix of illuminated niches and veneer paneling forms the ceiling over the passage, thus dealing with the different headroom.

As one enters the passage, a glimpse of the composition of ceramic photo plates on the wall at the far end catches attention. Further adding drama are the handcrafted wooden mirror on one side and beautiful Mandir door on the another.

THE BEDROOMS The apartment has three Bedrooms, one for the couple and one for the Son and Daughter each. All the three are designed considering their individual requirements and preferences. Wooden accents being the common factor, the colour palette varies according to the nature and choices of the user.

The Master bedroom consists of a king size bed, chairs with coffee table, chest of drawers, wardrobe and a study table by the window. The veneer panelling behind the bed continues on the adjacent wall to form a wardrobe.


Hues of Royal blue on the wall as well as floral chairs and Rajasthan themed paintings render it an exquisite feel. The bedroom has an attached dressing that houses a custom made basin counter with designer mirror with a backdrop of silent patterned highlighter wall.

The Teenager Son’s bedroom is quite quirky in sense of its setting, colours and accessories. The single bed is designed to convert into double if required. Enough storage space and display pockets are designed that are accentuated with framed quotes and display pieces.

The black, grey and orange colours on the ceiling and walls render a very young and energetic vibe to this space. The Daughter’s bedroom has a more serene character owing to her own nature. The wall with the wardrobe is highlighted with a play of pastel colours in triangular patterns.


The room is very minimalistic in terms of furniture and thus is a simple and calm space with just a dash of dream themed paintings on the bed head wall. To sum it up, what we have tried to achieve is a Contemporary home with all modern facets and facilities that stays true to the family’s socio-cultural roots. After all, “Home is where one starts from” and holding on to one’s root is what The Design alley studio believes in.


PROJECT: Residential flat for Mr. M.P. Sharma.

PARTICULARS: Interior design of an Apartment.

LOCATION: Rewa Residency, Osmanpura, Aurangabad


DESIGN TEAM: Sarang Patil, Shweta Patil & Syeda Naila

COMPLETED: April 2018

PHOTOGRAPHY: © Photographix


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