3 water plants that will make your backyard pond look outstanding

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There are so many ways to make your pool look better. Installing fish is a no-brainer. But people have much more crazy ideas, for example, pond fountains. Of course, it looks beautiful, but you have to ask yourself a question – is it really necessary for you? We believe that it’s much better to focus on essentials. And every pond must-have are plants. Without them, your pool won’t ever look good. That’s why in this article, you can find what are the plants that you necessarily have to have in your pool. Here they are!


Water lily

Although they are classified as deep-water plants, they can be used at smaller ponds as well. Water lily grows at the bottom of the bond, and it’s not only eye-appealing but also beneficial. It provides a shadow, and therefore cools the pond. Also, it increases the oxygen level in the water. Unfortunately, it requires your attention. If you don’t check them regularly, water lilies can cover the pond, as they spread very fast, and it might disturb other plants.



The name is not a coincidence – frogbits are something that may attract many amphibians to your pool. Just like water lilies, they can spread very rapidly, so you have to keep an eye on them. But, if you take care of them properly, they are one of the most beautiful plants that you can imagine. Have them, and they will give your garden a fairy-tale look!


Lotus flower

Installing some lotus flowers in your pond is one of the best things that you can do. They look stunning, especially when they are blooming. Also, their intense pink color is very eye-appealing; therefore, it’s often used in Asian-style gardens. Having a few lotus flowers in a pond is a successful way to make your garden more attractive.


Plants are a mandatory part of backyard pond decoration. Make sure to think twice before you install them so that you don’t have to change them in the future. Also, if you want to learn even more about water ponds, make sure to check out the infographic provided by Living Water Aeration:

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