9 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Counters Organized

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When it takes you more than a few seconds to reach your new tableware or the items on the counter begin to compete with you for your workspace, then you know it is time to pay attention to getting a little more organized with your kitchen counter.

Here are a few tips on how to maximize the space on your counter.

1.Consider getting double-tiered trays

Why have items lines straight across the counter when you can have them elegantly stacked above themselves in tiers? Not only do you get to save some precious space for yourself this way, but the trays also serve as a form of accessorizing for your countertop.


2.Keep a junk bowl

Keys, cork openers, receipts, and whatnot that litter the counter can easily be tossed into a hold-all bowl and stowed away to a corner of the counter until they are ready to be sorted out.

3.Keep your microwave oven off the top of the counter

Microwave ovens take up a significant amount of space, especially in smaller kitchens where there is hardly enough counter space. A smarter alternative: create a compartment for it within your kitchen fitting, as you likely have done for your stove.

4.Create a wall shelving for your oils, spices, and mugs

Aside from the cabinets and counter, most homeowners don’t remember to take advantage of their walls. The vertical surface can hold as many items as we are inclined to hang on them.

With a line or two of shelves, advisably directly below the cabinet, you would be able to arrange and reach for your spices and utensils more quickly.

5.Make better use of your cabinets

Let’s face it, you don’t get to use the hand mixer, ice cream maker, toaster, etc. every day. Create a cubby for your appliances for more organization and space on your counter.

6.Stacked corner shelving

Corners should not be for harboring cobwebs. Make judicious use of this often-overlooked space on your counter by installing one or two shelves across the adjoining walls at the corner of the counter, then watch your kitchen come alive with a more organized and sophisticated look.

7.Store cereals and grains in well-labeled containers

This helps to avoid awkward mix-up of similar-looking food items during meal preparation. Packaged items such as snacks can also be stored in tins.

8.Hold small items in a tray

Small condiment containers, vases, bottles easily spill onto the workspace, forming clutter. Give your countertop a more organized look by arranging these items in a tray, preferably with slightly raised edges, to hold them all together.

They come in various materials such as wooden, metal, ceramic, etc. and you can choose the one that best matches your kitchen décor.

9.Install a wall-mounted rack for hanging cooking utensils

You can make better use of the space currently occupied by your knife block and ladle holder on the counter. Racks make it easy to reach your utensils, and their display gives your workspace more aesthetic quality.

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