1200 Sqft. Minimalistic Penthouse Design Is Breathable And Vitalizing | Pine Home Stories

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1200 Sqft. Minimalistic Penthouse Design Is Breathable And Vitalizing | Pine Home Stories

This meditative 1200 square feet penthouse is sure to take your breaths away! One wouldn’t stop awing grasping in the airy, settled and peaceful feel this apartment protrudes. The penthouse is as minimal, breathable and vitalizing as it could be. It is sure to calm your soul and ease in the blissful mood. Chiefly designed for a young working couple in their late 20s- who wanted a simple and functional space to also entertain their friends and family more so often. The house has an open plan with a vast living room and a see-through entertainment room segregated by a foldable glass door all along. The living area is very moderately furnished to reflect in the avid natural lights.


A natural and a neutral color palette, hand-in-hand with minimalistic designs is the key to achieving these visually feather-light spaces. A nook in the living room lets the wooden ceiling to extend onto it- bringing in more of the natural lights. Against the window lies an ivory 3-seater sofa with an extended lounge and a complementing ottoman.The assertive wooden tray table is creatively abstracted to cantilever from the couch itself. To add touch of delight to the space, two comfy plush blue chairs are positioned against a plain white wall. The design concept of these chairs extends to the circular wooden tea-poi that creatively accommodates a projector. The wall with a solid wooden console is left blank for projecting shows and movies directly onto it.

All the furnishings in the house including the grooved main door is finished in the same wooden polish. The polished wood is chosen in a manner to give a natural earthy look to the interiors. This intended earthy feel gets magnified in the entertainment room that is inevitably an enclosed-open space extending into the terrace.

The room uses a dark natural stone for the flooring to sensually appeal to its users. One would dive into the crest of nature with two enclosing surfaces- the ceiling and the wall, and the other two tasked to bring in all the sun, natural lights, and gentle breeze. The ceiling is done in raw wood that extends itself to clad the wall. The view and the way the wood is used brings in the feeling of a hill station.

Transparent glass embedded in sleek wooden frame structures the three faces of the room to overlook a vast arena of the terrace space that surround it. A garden is planned onto the terrace space to enhance the breath-taking endurance of the city from the top-most floor. Furthermore, the nook that is so alluring about the space is the floor bedding with wittingly chosen decors. It gives the space a warm and cozy experience. The entertainment room indeed seems to juggle between the indoors and the terrace- appropriately justifying both.

The dining area is simply designed to behold a circular table positioned beside a beautiful window. Four modernly designed contented chairs with plush blue fabric choir along with the surroundings. One wouldn’t fail to notice the raw wooden wall display customized to act as the epitome of the niche. It deliberates a unique kind of mildness and magic into this space. The kitchen likewise uses the gentle shades of whites and blues to allure a tranquilizing sensation.

The bedroom is a sober-looking space minimally designed in solid earthy wood enriched with the attention given to the details. The walls are left bare with an ivory buttoned bed back. The pastel ivory curtains are chosen to merge well with the surroundings enhancing the appearance of the wood.

This penthouse attains its timelessness with the minimally and adequately designed interiors. It raises the benchmark in effortlessly weaving the interiors with the exteriors. Most importantly, it reflects the clients’ easy-going and fun-loving personality making it a place to look up to at the end of daybreak.

Fact Files

Project Name: NHT House

Type of Project: House Interior

Studio: Pine Home Stories

Designer: Khushboo Navinchandra

Area: 1200 sqft.

Project Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Photography: Memoire.Photos

Text Credit: Megha Hirani

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