10 Home Decor Ideas for Halloween

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It’s the season of spooks and dramatic costumes- and a bunch of people (excited little children especially) will show up at your doorstep, trick-or-treating! Everyone’s senses will be on high alert, ready to scream and get mortified by the thrill of approaching frightening houses.

But if you haven’t found time to make your home, especially the driveway, the doorstep, garage area and front yard scary enough, here are a few quick tips and tricks how:

Creepy Decals in all shapes and sizes

The garage door is such a great area to showcase one’s devious creativity – it has a large front façade, is usually facing the street and if you’re lucky, with some great decals/stickers available nowadays. They’re easy to source and stick-on. Decals these days are available in small as well as giant sizes, in shapes of devil’s faces, haunting eyes, a bunch of bats, and dark, sinister shapes.


Frontyard into graveyard!

With so many inflatable and ready-to-install products available nowadays, push aside that pre-festival anxiety and blow up the garden with scary skeletons, driveway ghosts, scary inflatable pumpkin reapers, and giant pumpkin faces! These can be used and re-used the next season too, making them quite a good investment!

Waste to terrifying wealth!

Of all the products that get used in a household, leftovers like toilet paper tubes and paper cups can be used to create effectively terrorizing and good quality decorations! Cut out eyes and a grinning face from paper tubes, install glow sticks in them, and you have a lighting element that can be placed anywhere to scare people off! Similarly, old drinking cups can be painted on quickly with a marker, and used as mini-lights!

Toilet paper mummies

The outdoor of your home can be made more, or as scary as the insides by streaming toilet paper from trees and gates. This is a simple and quick solution to create a sinister and dishevelled look.

Using dead leaves to deaden the garden!

Instead of throwing away those dead leaves that litter the yard, scatter them around, on the lawns, over the roof, at the doorstep to give an old and unkempt look to the house. This is sure to scare the children away!


Its pumpkin season and whether or not there are other vegetables available, pumpkins will sure be! The pumpkins need not be carved out, they can be left as it is, with stickable scary decals and stickers on them.

Make use of a scarecrow

Maybe the leftover Christmas decorations can be used as Halloween décor and for Holloween Costume this time? How about that Santa costume, stuffed with pillows, hung upside down from the roof! That would be insanely scary and unreal!

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