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TULIPS store Delhi by 4D

TULIPS store Delhi  by 4D Tulips store is India’s leading provider of bespoke soft furnishing designs for homes and hospitality since 1990. The new Tulips Experience Center at Defence Colony Delhi is designed around its key differentiation, an open design studio, that helps customers to realize their lifestyle dreams by enabling co-creation with in-house décor design[Read More]

Studio Apartment in Ahmedabad | Ego Designs
studio apartment

Studio Apartment in Ahmedabad | Ego Designs With limited floor space, Ego Designs has carefully understood it’s important to create a cozy and welcoming ambience and has combined all the functions in a harmonious way. The Floor space was divided into multiple spaces where a small Pantry area with beautifully designed bar counter, also two contradictory accented wall[Read More]

Salon Design – Chitte Architects
Salon Design

Salon Design – Chitte Architects Prodigiosity urges distinctiveness. Distorting the rigidity of a geometry, materializing it in a salon is something unusual and notable. In a small space, every inch counts, a 334 sqft premise that gives enough room to move around, which is really important ergonomically. Dark colors absorb the light, making a small[Read More]

Office Incorporates Corrugated Metal Sheets gives it a Unique Outlook

Office Incorporates Corrugated Metal Sheets gives it a Unique Outlook | MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO CONSERVING GREEN THROUGH RETRIEVE AND CORRUGATION Modernized contemporary interior design with the utilization of eco-friendly materials have been idealized for designing the interior of the atelier. The interiors were designed with ground ideation of “sustainability”. Reclaimed Corrugated Metal and timber[Read More]

Container Restaurant – Dock 45 – Spacefiction studio

Container Restaurant – Dock 45 – Spacefiction studio From the architect. The clients brief asked for a nightclub to be designed on of the most prime properties in the city of Hyderabad.  It was to be a place which would draw people inside upon the first glance. The client wished to have a nautical theme[Read More]

Roof Top House Constructed with used Shipping Containers | Studio Wood

Roof Top House Constructed used Shipping Containers  Studio Wood From the architect. In the year 2016 Studio Wood was entitled with a unique brief to design a light weight temporary structure atop a roughly 1200sq.ft apartment. The construction needed to be limited to a certain weight and was constrained by a tight timeline. After a[Read More]

Inside Parineeti’s Mumbai Home

Inside Parineeti’s Mumbai Home Parineeti Chopra is an actress known for her spunky roles on-screen and heartfelt statements off it. And she has made a niche of her own with the choice of films and her performances. No wonder a bit of her individualistic personality has also seeped into her Mumbai home, a project she[Read More]

Small and vibrant restaurant Interior in Montreal

“The restaurant is lit with suspended tiffins that have been hollowed out to create lamp shades and a green neon with the restaurants logo acts as a beacon by the window.” DETAILS: Architect David Dworkind has created a small and vibrant Indian restaurant in our hometown, Montreal, called Super Quality Indian Snack Bar, which we hope is a[Read More]