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Subtle yet Vibrant Office Design | Hiral Jobalia

Subtle yet Vibrant Office Design | Hiral Jobalia The Project: Hiral Jobalia Studio’s work is focused on being design and content driven. The client, Sources Unlimited,was an old acquaintance of Ar. HiralJobalia and they were well known to each other since both are from the design field.This project had a precise and elementary brief:  to bring[Read More]

D’Arclight- India’s first Light-Art gallery | Delhi | Renesa Architecture Design Interiors

Launching Renesa Architecture Design Interiors‘s latest product entry into the Retail store therapy with D’Arclight for DBEL Studio, India’s first Light-Art gallery displaying luxury lighting solutions, high-end designs specially curated to enhance the quality of architectural and design spaces. Renesa Architecture Design Interiors has come with an interesting ideology to curate the aesthetics of modern decorative lighting via artistic[Read More]

Mozzars Pizzaworks Interiors | Worksmith
Mozzars Pizzaworks Interiors

Mozzars Pizzaworks Interiors | Worksmith, Pune – India The project set out with a creative brief that was open to interpretation. The client wanted to serve Pizza in a fast casual dining format and yet be able to differentiate their offering from the regular here in India such as Dominoes or Pizza Hut. Their offerings are[Read More]

Fashion Boutique | Yellow Studios
fashion boutique

Fashion Boutique | Yellow Studios Standing at the junction of the dense shopping complex, a small shop decorated with a vintage door that has potential to attract the customers, stands out amongst its neighbourhood. The boutique specifically showcases a premium collection of the client’s work who is a Surat-based fashion designer.While the client had been[Read More]

TNS Global office -Gurgaon | Studiokon Ventures

TNS Global office -Gurgaon | Studiokon Ventures So, how do you design an office for a business that has a global presence and nationwide footprint? It has to have aesthetic appeal along with functional value to make the work environment reach its maximum potential. That’s what made the TNS Global a demanding as well as[Read More]

1944 Restaurant Interior Design , Ahmedabad | ido design

“1944” is a Restaurant by the Havmor group of restaurants – a chain which dates back to the year 1944. The 1944 restaurant interior design is a translation of the brief to carry forward its legacy, class and respectability. Space is a modern day interpretation of the design style in the 1940’s where many art[Read More]

3 BHK Apartment Interiors at Yari Road | Amit Shastri Architects

3 BHK Apartment Interiors at Yari Road | Amit Shastri Architects The Project: Amit Shastri Architects & Interior Designer(ASA) is known for their detail-driven work with the crisp programming of lines and spaces. The client’s brother, who’d already been a client of the firm, was well acquainted with ASA’s work and had strongly recommended that[Read More]

Modern & Neat Residential Interiors | VPA Architects

Modern & Neat Residential Interiors VPA Architects VPA’s work has always been designing and content driven. Bagged through positive word of mouth this residential project, in Ahmedabad, had a precise brief: The client wanted a “neat interior” which translated into simple functionals with low maintenance details. Other than the functional requirements, the architects had complete freedom[Read More]

Roots Analysis Offices – Mohali | Studio Mohenjodaro
Roots Office_ Studio Mohenjodaro (1)

Roots Analysis Offices – Mohali | Studio Mohenjodaro Studio Mohenjodaro designed the offices for biopharmaceutical market research company Roots Analysis, located in Mohali, India. Providing market research and consultation in bio-pharmaceutical industry, Root Analysis is located in the heart of the business centre of Mohali. The client brief demanded an informal office space that would encourage interaction[Read More]

H-Cube House | Studio Lagom
Cube House Livingroom

H-Cube House | Studio Lagom The H-Cube House in Surat strikes a contemporary and modern note in a nondescript urban milieu. Bagged with the help of positive word of mouth, this assignment came almost immediately on the heels of a larger villa project that was more than 10 times the scale of the present project.[Read More]