Window Decorating Idea by Using Glass Shelves

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Adding glass shelves to your living space has more benefits than you think. They do not just provide you with more storage, but also allow the natural light to illuminate the entire room.

This is why a lot of people prefer to showcase their prized possessions on glass decorative shelves. A glass shelf allows you to look at a treasured piece from different angles. That means you do not need to pick up an object to observe it properly.

Unlike wooden and metal shelves, glass shelving has a lot of advantages. And you can use the shelves for windows too. Also, brackets for glass shelves make this process easier to install them conveniently.

Let’s learn what makes glass shelving an excellent choice to decorate your windows.

Why use glass shelves on the window?

Add some nature

One of the best ways of using a window glass shelf effectively is by placing beautiful flowers and green plants on them. You will be able to take care of those plants without having to remove them from the shelf.

Moreover, since cleaning the glass surface is quite convenient, you do not have to worry about the soil of the plants making a mess. Get a wet cloth and wipe the stained area. The glass will be as good as new.

Show beautiful decors

These shelves maximize the visibility of the beautiful decors you put on display. One of the reasons why you buy such luxurious antiques and other pieces is for the guests at your home to appreciate, even if you are not using them. Regardless of the angle from where you look at those pieces, they will be on display.

Adds more light with natural aesthetics

Both wooden shelves and metal shelves create more shadows in your house. It means they would be absorbing the light coming from the sun instead of reflecting it.

However, since glass decorative shelves are transparent, they create more brightness. Moreover, the items displayed on the glass shelf will be highlighted even if there is not enough room in the light.

Various designs

One of the biggest advantages of using glass shelves on windows is that they come in multiple designs. As different people have different preferences, you can get a design that you like. Regardless of the type of interior decoration your house has, a glass shelf would complement any room. Your room could be retro or contemporary; you will always find a glass shelf design that suits the overall look of a room.

Ease of cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, cleaning a glass shelf is extremely easy. All you need is a dry cloth and a glass cleaner.

That is not going to be the case with a wooden shelf or a metal shelf. Sometimes, the stains on either of those shelves can be hard to remove. Moreover, with passing time, a wood shelf will start rotting away while a metal shelf will get eroded.

 With a glass shelf, it would be suitable for years to come.

Ideas to decorate the window glass decorative shelves

Depending on your preference, there are lovely ways to decorate the window areas of your home:

Using window shelves for small plants

Place small plants on glass shelves to make the window area look radiant. This will also be beneficial for some plants, as they require proper sunlight to grow.

Perhaps, the best thing about a glass shelf is that you can use it anywhere in your house. Be it a kitchen, dining room, or a living room, adding a glass shelf to any window area will dramatically increase its aesthetics.

Using it on a window that opens to a lawn

For people who have a lawn and a window opening to it, here’s a unique idea. If you want to enhance the beauty of your house while also allowing people to look at your lush lawn, add a glass shelf to the window that opens to the lawn. You can even place exotic stones on the glass shelf to enhance the beauty of the inside area.

Using curtains to cover the glass area

If you aren’t feeling too fancy about the glass shelf, install a curtain on the windows. On days when it is just you in the house, you can close the curtains. However, when some guests arrive and you want to leave a good impression on them, place a few showpieces on the glass shelving and open the curtains.

How many types of glass shelves are there?

These shelves can be divided into two types.

Fixed shelves

As the name suggests, these glass shelves are fixed on a wall. Usually, such shelves are rectangular and they do not have any doors. You can either rest them on the ground or make them stay in the air.

For your safety, it is recommended that you choose shelves that have dull edges and the glass is medium thick. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you have installed them correctly on a wall.

Independent shelves

These independently structured shelves come in different shapes, including round, curves, and rectangular. You can pick a shape depending on the shape of your windows. For instance, if you have a rectangular shape window, opt for a rectangular glass shelf.

The thickness of these glass shelves depends on the material of the base. For instance, if the base is manufactured from metal, then the glass would be thick. This is done to ensure that the glass structure is capable of supporting the metal base.

You might want to check out creative wall glass shelves installing ideas to learn more about glass shelves.

Wrapping It UP

Decorating window areas with glass decorative shelves has a lot of benefits. Since glass is customizable, you can even get custom-made shelves that complement the look of your space. They can be placed anywhere in your house, even in your bathroom and home-offices.

Just remember to be careful around them. Don’t put heavy objects on window glass shelves. Otherwise, make sure that the glass is strong enough to hold heavy objects.