Why You Need A Structural Warranty

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Different things are very vital to consider before building a structure. Some of them being, the materials to use, getting the best architect, and getting your building plan approved. Have you ever thought that a structural warranty is equally important for your building?

A building warranty refers to an insurance policy that protects against damages in new structures or buildings, and it goes for up to ten years after the installation is completed. The builder purchases it before starting the construction process. But if you are extending your structure, it will not be necessary you acquire a structural warranty. You only need to comply with building laws so that your property can be considered structurally sound.

This cover includes the following though it varies with different providers;

  • Defects Insurance which protects against failure to comply with the technical manual of the warranty provider.
  • Contaminated land. Offers protection against any cost needed to remove contamination from the building plot.
  • Deposit protection protects the owner’s deposit if the developer fails to cooperate during the building process.
  • Control cover covers any cost that may occur if the building did not comply with the required regulations and is causing alarm to residents’ health.

5 Reasons for you to acquire a structural warranty

  • Most financial institutions and mortgage lenders need a structural warranty before issuing a mortgage on properties. After constructing, you might need to sell your building; hence, you must acquire this cover to make it easier for you to sell your property.
  • You may get the best builders, but that is not a guarantee that their work will be defect-free. A structural warranty will protect against defects in both the materials they used and their craft. 
  • A structural warranty provides the builder with useful information that will guide you through the whole process of construction. This guide will help you limit and avoid problems that are likely to occur and protect your reputation.
  • Besides, the contaminated land cover will cover for you any cost that will be in need to remove any contamination from the site you want to construct. This will help you avoid additional charges, especially after spending so much on materials and other necessities.
  • Structural warranties cover the first ten years after completing your building. Your mind can rest peacefully within these years because this cover solves any issues that might arise for you. You will not go through stressful litigation processes or arguments.
  • If you need a loan from a financial institution to build your home, a bank will ask you to get a structural warranty. The bank will need an assurance that you are putting the funds in an investment that will bring returns. Your structural warranty provider will provide them with a report to assure them that your construction is a good investment; hence you will benefit from the bank’s loan.

In conclusion, a structural warranty is inevitable because you can be sure of quality work from your service providers. You will also avoid major mistakes and get the value for all your spending on construction.