Why Is Your tap Water Yellow And How To Solve The Issue?

After a long day at work, you are finally ready to get home and unwind. On your way back, you are already dreaming about the long shower you will take. Then, you might make yourself a glass of lemonade, turn on the TV and find a nice movie to watch. You could perhaps use a nice cup of tea instead of that lemonade, but you’ll decide when you get there.

When you get there, however, there are more pressing issues you need to take care of and more important decisions to make. Do you know why? The moment you let your tap water run, you notice that there is something off with it. You grab a glass and let the liquid run inside the glass just to check your suspicions. Yup, the water is yellow.

“Yup, the water is yellow”? What the freaking heck? This is not a time to stay so calm and not to freak out. What on Earth are you going to do with yellow tap water all over your house? Well, it seems that all your plans have been flushed down the toilet, but, on the upside, now there’s no need for you to choose between tea and lemonade.

Okay, I’ve raised some panic, haven’t I? That’s because I’m pretty sure that most people would start panicking the minute they notice something like this. There’s no need for that, actually and you’re much better off with that calm and collected attitude that was first mentioned. “Yup, the water is yellow” is the perfect reaction and do you know why?

The answer is quite simple. It’s because there is a way to solve this issue and, when you have a solution, it means that you don’t have a problem at all. Before we get to the solution, though, I’ll be happy to explain why your tap liquid has changed its color. I’m pretty convinced that you are super curious about this. What could possibly be the cause?

The Cause

I know that this sounds very bad and the mere look at the yellow liquid running from your faucet makes you feel sick to your stomach, doesn’t it? You’re wondering whether it was yellow yesterday and whether you have drunk it that way without even realizing it. Calm down, buddy, that probably didn’t happen. You would have noticed it. I mean, it’s yellow, for God’s sake.

The next question you will definitely have is why. Why are things the way they are? Then, there are some more questions that will be revolving around in your head. Is the liquid harmful for you? Should you go ahead and taste it, or wait to see what happens? Perhaps taking a shower with it won’t be so bad, huh?

I’ll be happy to answer all these questions for you, although the answers will be rather obvious once we determine the cause of the yellow tap water. In other words, in order to know what to do in terms of either waiting or taking that shower already, you will need to know the cause of the colored liquid. As you can see here, water can sometimes assume many unwanted colors and yellow doesn’t seem to be the worst of those.

There, have I calmed you down for a second? Nothing says “everything is fine” such as the statement that things could have gone much worse. They could have gone much worse, that’s true. When your water turns yellow, it’s most likely a pretty minor issue that you need to take care of. Usually, it’s connected to your pipes and your plumbing systems.

The most obvious cause is rust. If your pipes are rusty, then it’s no wonder that the liquid is yellow. Before going all crazy and thinking that this is a problem that you will never fix, you might want to check those pipes. It might all simply be your fault, even though I’m pretty sure that you’ll blame it all on the municipality immediately.

The municipality might have something to do with this, though. In the event that the water supply system is undergoing certain repairs, noticing the yellow color won’t be a surprise. In that case, all you can do is wait for a little while and postpone that shower and the lemonade. That brings us to the rest of our above questions. Here is your answer.

The best thing to do when you notice this issue is stop using the water until you have determined the cause and fixed it. I’m pretty sure that you don’t like the idea of drinking such an unnatural looking liquid, so try to stay patient and wait until the problem is fixed. When showering is in question, you might try it, but I believe you want get any cleaner until everything is back to normal.

Here are a few tips on how to get things back to normal:

How To Fix The Issue

There are a few ways that you can fix this issue since, as I have mentioned above, there might be a few different causes. The idea is to find the cause and eliminate it. You will need, however, to find a long term solution so as to make sure that things like these won’t keep happening to you. If you had had this long term solution before, you wouldn’t have to be shower-less and lemonade-less at the moment. There’s time to right that wrong, though.

Power flushing is a maintenance requirement of boiler and central heating systems that many people ignore or quite simply does not know exists. It is offered by boiler installation companies like Easy Boiler Company who use a machine to power flush the boiler and pipework removing all sludge, rust, dirt and debris which usually causes your water to be off colour and reduces the efficiency of your boiler.

The solution I am talking about is the installation of a water filtration system in your home. By getting this system, you won’t have to worry about the liquid running from the faucet changing color ever again. What’s more, these systems protect you from much more serious issues and prevent dangerous contaminants that you won’t even be able to see with your bare eye from entering your water. To put things simply, water filtration systems protect you from things that you couldn’t have even imagined could cause you any harm.

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