Whirlpool vs. Bath Tub: Which One Should You Get?

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When deciding whether to get a regular bathtub or a hot tub, there are  some things that you have to consider. It should not only be what you want to soak in after a day’s work. Believe it or not, decision making involves more questions and answers. To help distinguish whether to go with whirlpool baths or regular bathtubs, here are some pointers. 


Before you decide on the tub that you will buy, measure the space where you will put it first. The length, width, and height are the foremost considerations. Will the tub fit in the area, and will there be enough moving space left? If you have an existing tub that you want to replace, check where the drain is. The new one should also have the drain in the right location that will align with the existing plumbing.  

Hot water capacity 

Check your hot water heater’s capacity before deciding on the type of tub you will purchase. If the tub is too big, there may not be enough water for it, leaving you with lukewarm water that can quickly get cold. If it happens, you may not last long when you soak in cold water. 


The type of tub that you will purchase should be suitable for whoever will use it. If you suffer from chronic pain and muscle tension, then a whirlpool tub is perfect for you. If you have kids, then the regular tub is suitable for the whole family. It should also be low enough for them to get in and out of without difficulty. For elderly users, a walk-in tub can be considered.  


Consider the tap orientation. You can choose from deck-mounted, floor-mounted, or wall-mounted taps. If there is not enough space around the tub, the first option is the best one. You can usually see this type in a drop-in bath or a whirlpool tub. The second option requires more space around the tub. It is also perfect if you like the look of exposed pipes. The third one is best if the shower and tub are in one space.  

Air baths versus whirlpool tubs 

Whirlpool and air baths offer more benefits than regular baths because the water circulates. There are jets that spew water onto your body that help with better circulation, release muscle tension, and offer overall relaxation. An air bath has injectors at the bottom of the tub that provides millions of air bubbles that massage the body. The injectors’ pressure cannot be adjusted unlike a whirlpool’s jets. But if you love soaking with bath soaps and oils, an air bath is the better option as it does not clog as easily. A whirlpool tub provides high-pressure water bubbles that the jets push out. It is best for physical therapy centres where there is a need for relief from aches, sprains, and pains. You can also control how strongly the jets will push water out.