Which Is Best…. Curtains or Roman Blinds?

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When you’re decorating a room in your home, you should always think about the soft furnishing that you’re going to use for the windows. Are you going to choose curtains or blinds? More specifically you might be debating between roman blinds and curtains. Which is right for your property? To answer this question, you need to compare and contrast the features of both. So, let’s look at how each choice measures up.


The Installation



One of the biggest benefits of curtains is that they don’t require a special change to your home or a new installation. If you have a curtain rail already, they can quickly be hung up as soon as you buy them and look tremendous. Roman blinds are a tad different and will need to be installed. This isn’t the most complex decorating job in the world, but it still adds a little more fuss to changing up your room.


The Aesthetic


If you opt for roman blinds, one of the biggest benefits is that it’s perfect for a minimal design. So, if you want to keep a room completely minimalistic then this is definitely the right choice for you. Roman blinds are far less intrusive and when they are wrapped away, you’ll barely notice them there at all. However, they can still provide wonderful patterns and shades for your room. As you’ll discover when you start exploring the market, roman blinds are available with a range of different patterns, styles and shades so they will match your room beautifully. Uncluttered and completely clean, roman blinds are simple and stylish.


Curtains, on the other hand, will add more texture to your room. As a feature, they will be far more noticeable, and so you will need to match them more carefully to the rest of the features in your home. Interior design experts like Montgomery Interiors can help you make the right choices when you decide to select curtains for your property, considering both style and even length. Like roman blinds, curtains are available in various different shades and styles and may have a gorgeous lining as well. Providing a soft look for your home, you can even add a trim to create a touch more character.




You may find that roman blinds are a tad more expensive than curtains. This is usually due to them needing to be professionally made and fitted perfectly for your home windows. As such, if you’re on a fixed budget, you might want to consider curtains as the best option.




Finally, think about the practical elements of these two choices. The main use of a window covering is to provide privacy and control levels of light entering a room. You can do both far more effectively with roman blinds compared to curtains.


So which is best? Well, it will depend on your preference. If you want a covering that is softer and adds a lot to the room design curtains are the best choice. On the other hand, if you want something more minimal with plenty of practical benefits roman blinds are ideal.



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