• What to Expect from Property Valuation Melbourne?

    Melbourne property Valuation is a complex process, and it is not something that everyone can do. That is why it is important to know about property valuers in the Melbourne area before you need one. 

    The information below will help you understand how property appraisal works, what you can expect from property valuation, and what types of reports they might give you after their assessment.

    Property Appraisal

    A property appraisal is a formal assessment of the value of real estate property, and it usually involves both an inside inspection and an external evaluation.

    The person performing a property valuation will consider many factors, including size, location, living area, age or condition, and other features such as window views.

    Property appraisers may also be involved in valuing home furnishings for insurance purposes or making arrangements to sell a house on behalf of someone else (e.g., through probate). They are generally not required by law but might be needed if there will be some form of public sale.

    Most people do not need their homes appraised unless they consider selling them at market price – or if they are refinancing or selling their home at a lower price.

    What Does Property Valuation Determine?

    A property valuation determines the value of land and any buildings on that lot (including garages, sheds, pools, etc.). This is usually done using an appraisal method called “comparable sales,” which will look for similar properties in the same area to compare and other factors such as recent demands by buyers and sellers in the neighborhood.

    When it comes to estimating values, there is no universal standard rule, so appraisers may rely on different agencies like government authorities, real estate agents, or specially trained professionals who work with them directly.

    What To Expect From Property Valuation Melbourne?

    When you want to sell a property, often the first thing that needs to happen is for an appraiser or valuer (in Australia) to come out and do an inspection. 

    That person has got two jobs; they need to document what’s going on at your property in detail so there are no surprises when it comes time for settlement and gives you advice about how much your property would be worth if someone were looking to buy it today. 

    This process usually happens with all properties – not just those listed for sale- unless otherwise noted by law.

    There are three types of inspections/valuations: pre-purchase valuation checks, post-purchase reviews, and periodic assessments.

    • Pre-Purchase Evaluation

    Pre-purchase evaluation means the property is not yet for sale, but a potential buyer wants to see the property before making an offer. 

    • Post-Purchase Evaluation

    Post-purchase evaluation means a property has been sold, and the new owner would like to have their home appraised or inspected by someone they trust. 

    • Periodic Assessment Evaluation 

    A periodic assessment may be done on any residential property in Australia with negative gearing rules after 12 months of ownership.

    What Does Property Valuation Melbourne Involve?

    The valuation process can involve the following things:

    • reviewing building consent documentation (provided by you)
    • -recording comparable properties that are currently for sale
    • checking out your neighborhood online via social media networks such as Google Streetview and Facebook Groups
    • inspecting different parts of your dwelling inside & outside, including garden/yard space if applicable

    What Kind Of Permissions Will A Valuer Require?

    A vendor will need to permit so the valuer can:

    – enter the property and take photographs to document any potential issues that you have not disclosed.

    – do an external inspection of the dwelling on all sides (including roof) if deemed necessary or requested.

    What Will You Get At The End Of Valuation?

    The valuer will provide a written report, which may include photos highlighting our impressions of your property, including noting the condition/quality of fixtures, fittings, and equipment inside and outside (if applicable). 

    The buyer’s agent is entitled to request copies of these reports before agreeing for their client to proceed with purchasing the property from you. At times, a valuation report includes additional information such as advice about stamp duty payable on land transfers when buying residential property in Melbourne. Remember that additional fees apply for this service.

    How Will You Receive The Report?

    An independent property valuation is a service provided by an accredited valuer with the sole purpose of providing a professional opinion on the market-related value of your home. Valuers can provide their statement in various forms, including:

    – verbal;

    – written report, which may include photos and other supporting material such as floor plans or maps, highlighting their impressions of your property.

    Key Take-Away

    All in all, the information here will help you to learn everything you will receive from Property Valuation Melbourne. We hope this article was helpful for you to learn new and useful things about Property Valuation and Appraisal. 

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