What To Do When Hiring an Architect: 3 Tips and Tricks

Getting a new building commissioned is an exciting but equally grueling process when you need your building designed and want it done right. Enter: the architect.

This specialist will help you scope and design your ideal structure. Whether it is your new family home, an apartment block, or new offices, you want to ensure that the one creating your vision knows what they are doing. 

Here are three tips and tricks to get the right architect for the job.

Background Checks

It might sound drastic, but you do not want to get scammed out of your money. Places like ScoutLogic and other companies like them can help you do a comprehensive background check. 


They also can screen for more specific employment-based positions depending on whomever you decide you want to hire. You can specifically look at employment history or even a criminal record to ensure they haven’t been fraudulent in the past. 

It’s an easy but vital way to double-check a person is who they say they are.

Check Credentials and Portfolio

Let’s put this out there—age does not denote skill. You could get an incredible architect who is in their twenties or a terrible one who is older. 

Keep this in mind when hiring people and look at their credentials closely. Check their CV and portfolio and talk with them about their experiences. They may have done many incredible apprenticeships and have some excellent creative ideas that suit your job perfectly, or they may not be the right person. 

Look at a whole range of individuals and their portfolios and pick who you think will do the job right.

You can also go as far as to check with previous employers for references to make doubly sure that your potential architect is not exaggerating their contribution to past projects. Like any other employee on your team, you want to get the best person for the job, so do what you can to confirm their legitimacy.

Reviews and Recommendations

This last step probably applies more to hiring from a company and not just a person. However, it is always worth checking that the architect you want has good reviews from other clients. 

A good review from a happy customer can go a long way in helping you make your decision. It is also advisable to shop around and see who has the best reviews. Using sites like Yelp or even the company’s website can be an excellent indicator of the quality you will get. 

Be a little skeptical, though. If there are sites that only have five stars across the board and nothing but short positive reviews, they may not be as good as they seem. An honest company or worker won’t be afraid of taking on criticism and the occasional bad review.

To Conclude

The main takeaway from this is to not go with the first person you find. Much like when you pick your next car, look around to find the architect that meets all your requirements. There is nothing worse than being caught out. Do your due diligence.