This Home Is Impacted By The Indian Legacy, Subsumes Flawless Religious And Devout Portrayals All Over : The Old Vicarage | Ankur and Sarvesh

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This Home Is Impacted By The Indian Legacy, Subsumes Flawless Religious And Devout Portrayals All Over : The Old Vicarage | Ankur and Sarvesh

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This home, impacted by the Indian legacy, subsumes flawless religious and devout portrayals all over. Involving inconspicuous carvings of traditional “ślokas”, this alluring plot signifies customs, in contrast to numerous others. 

The sumptuous, upraised kitchen countertop starkly contrasts with the subtle pastel elements inlaid within several layers of this sublime, regal kitchen. The dining room, attached one room ahead of the lounge room, includes sophisticated backdrops. The leading element it comprises is the astonishing eyelet drapes, cornered and tied into an elaborate knot, allowing entrance. It starkly juxtaposes the idealism followed by modern designs, making an elegant contrast between contemporary art and colonial elements. 

The plot, during its emergence, was halted by multiple setbacks. The ideologies followed by the clientele impacted upon the former design of the plot, which subsequently resulted in a difference of opinion between our architectural team and the client. However, after intricately balancing the demands of the client, and the gestures of our architectural team, the plot became a gigantic success, which was rather greatly unanticipated. 

After ultimately arriving at a balanced standpoint, the plot was curbed by another similar setback. The plot, during emergence, confronted two consecutive lock downs which were mandated across the nation due to the unfortunate inception of the Covid-19 virus. Outsmarting these challenges, the plot came out as a massive success, with several arresting indoor furnishings that the client demanded and further appreciated. 

Bridging the gap between the divine colonial era and prepossessing urban architectural designs, this home is another exemplary model that briefly unbolts onto an ostentatious living room, deeply offering access to countless secluded spaces. Arriving with an immaculate home theatre, spare gym space and a coruscating, comfortable lounge room, this home sounds like a gala extravagance and doesn’t neglect to reflect contemporary style inside domains of lovely, natural greens.

The originality of the plot was retained by several arresting details compacted elegantly within the facade of heritages. This plot is a fusion of colonial upholstery with intricate contemporary elements, exalting the character of every room. The plot’s green sedum insides and elemental beige cladding are inspired by the themes you generally envisage as garden-shed aesthetics, helping the indoor naturally blend into the mood of the house.

The structural grid of this plot, designed painstakingly with a traditional anatomy, is an impeccable example of excellence. This plot thoroughly celebrates neutral coloured themes, overlooking vistas opening up onto a plush backyard, intricate artworks, and an astounding artisan ship. 

The submerging bright tones of the plot only help set a contrast with an otherwise neutral base, maintained gigantically across the palette of the house. The corridors of the plot unobtrusively opens onto a jaw-breaking space, large enough to embody countless sets of artifacts, furnishings, a sense of evocative urbanity and absolutely what not.

This house is now best known to flawlessly dialogue with a domestic atmosphere built mostly to contain the heritage of the designs for people who want to mirror their love for modernity fused unnaturally well with the skeletal design of colonial times.

Fact File :

Designed by : Ankur & Sarvesh

Project type : Residential

Project name : The Old Vicarage

Location : Indore

Year of completion : 2021

Plot area : 3600sq.ft.

Built up : 10,000sq.ft.

Project cost : Rs.7000/sq.ft.

Principal architects : Ankur Jindal and Sarvesh Jain

Color Palette :

Principal Designer :

Firm’s Website : Ankur and Sarvesh

Firm’s Facebook Profile : Ankur and Sarvesh

Firm’s Instagram Profile : Ankur and Sarvesh

Email id : [email protected]

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