What makes you choose the best china hydraulic jack system?

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Hydraulic jack systems may utilize the weight of the vehicle to compress the surface being rolled (static) or use mechanical advantage to compress the surface being rolled (mechanical advantage) (vibrating). On a road project, the first compaction of the substrate is done with a china hydraulic jack system, which produces better compaction density due to the pads having a smaller surface area. Due to its enormous weight, speed, and tremendous pushing force to distribute bulk debris, a four-wheel compactor with a pad-foot drum and a blade, such as a Caterpillar 815/825 series machine, would be utilized on big roads. A smaller single pad-foot drum machine may be utilized on rural highways.

 Most building sites require a solid surface to operate on. The earth must be compacted to ensure no pockets of air underground that might disturb the operation. Special construction equipment is required to crush and smooth the ground for this to operate adequately. The hydraulic jack system is one of the most prevalent forms of compaction equipment. Hydraulic jack systems have a lengthy history, with the first being drawn by horses and utilized for agricultural reasons. In fact, because a steam engine propelled them, the contemporary jack system are still referred to as the steam jack system.

 Although the word “steam” remains in the name, jack systems are seldom (if ever) propelled by steam and are considerably more specialized in the sort of compacting they accomplish. Because of their differences, one jack system will not perform the same as another, like a sheepsfoot jack system is not the same as a pneumatic jack system. Therefore, knowing about the many types of jack systems is essential for a building job.

Choosing the right type of jack system

Choosing the correct jack system for your building project is critical since the wrong one can lead to poor craftsmanship, pockets of air that sink the structure, or uneven areas that can be harmful. A few things must be considered while determining the best type of jack system. The first of these is the project’s duration. Depending on the duration, renting a jack system may be more cost-effective than purchasing one. You’ll also need to determine the sort of soil that will be compacted. For example, a different jack system is required for fine-grain sand than for clay. Finally, if you’re putting china hydraulic jack system, you’ll need to decide whether a static or vibratory jack system will be more effective.

The best hydraulic jack system 

As the name implies, this jacking system is made up of a single steel drum in the front of the machine. In a centrally placed cab, the operator sits atop the jack system. The jack system is also more compact. Road construction, leveling ground for walkways and roadways, preparing sites for building foundations, and compacting dirt and gravel in smaller areas are examples of typical single drum applications.

Types of China hydraulic jack system

RDC203P front drum rear tyre hydraulic drive combination jack system, suitable for municipal road maintenance and compaction of narrow road surfaces such as groove foundation, building construction, pipeline backfill, and stadium.

Hydraulic double wheels’ drive, vibration and steering, with dependable performance and an optimal function/price ratio. Hydraulic front and rear-wheel drive, hydraulic front drum vibration, scraping and water spray units on both front and rear wheels; sophisticated sprinkler pump system can accomplish intermittent, considerably enlarged mechanical. The N390 diesel engine is relatively easy to use and maintain. Compact integrated construction with a limited volume, suitable for compaction on a restricted site. 

Warranty: 12 months (starting from the day the equipment leaves the loading port) or 2000 working hours, whichever comes first. When we deliver the machine to you, we provide free maintenance instructions, a parts list, a packing list, accessories, and tools. If the components do not operate properly, provide them free of charge within the specified time frame. If necessary, we will dispatch an engineer to assist you. Excess the warranty; you may simply purchase the parts from your construction machine market or our factory at a low cost at any time.

Pros and cons of a China hydraulic jack system


  • They are safe.
  • The hydraulic jack systems are hulking.
  • Hydraulic jack systems are used to provide a surface that is pleasing to the eyes and operates well.


  • The price is prohibitively expensive.
  • Noise is eminent.


Jack systems are excellent at upgrading and repairing surfaces, making them among the most reliable heavy equipment to utilize on a project. Understanding the advantages of each jack system might help you choose the best one for your job.