What is a built-in or fitted wardrobe, and how is it different from a pre-built wardrobe?

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Built-in wardrobes, also known as fitted wardrobes, are essentially integrated closets that have been custom-designed for your area. They are designed to fit inside your bedroom and cannot be relocated once they are installed. In basic words, a built-in wardrobe is a wardrobe that is constructed into your wall cavity and installed into the available space.

The problem with free-standing and pre-built wardrobes is that they may not be the right fit for your room or may rapidly run out of storage space. However, because they’re mass-produced, they’re less likely to meet your specific storage requirements. On the other hand, standalone wardrobes offer their own set of benefits, such as the simplicity with which they may be transported. It also allows you to select from a large range of design options. So, if you want a wardrobe with plenty of storage and customization, a built-in LESSO Integrated Wardrobe is the way to go.

Built-in wardrobe prices are generally calculated per square foot and are influenced by elements like the color of the interior PVC. In addition, the material you select will have an impact on the cost of your clothing.

Although installing a high-quality fitted wardrobe is not low, if you do it well and hire a reputable company to design and install one for you, you will be able to recoup your investment when it comes time to sell your house.   


Advantages of Fitted wardrobes

  • Fitted Wardrobes are usually custom-made. You have a degree of leeway with built-in closets, not just on the outside but also in the inside layouts.
  • Interior lighting available. You may use an LED strip to light them up. Custom lighting is helpful not just for aesthetic reasons but also for energy conservation. For example, on a gloomy morning, if you have adequate lighting for your internal shelves, you won’t need to light up the entire room. 
  • Maximum space utilization. Fitted wardrobes provide the most storage space. A free-standing wardrobe will always have a gap between the rear and the wall; however, most built-in units don’t have a back panel, giving you the maximum depth for storing larger boxes and baskets. Fitted wardrobes are custom-made to fit your specific area. It will cover the entire room from floor to ceiling with no gaps. This can only be a good thing when it comes to covering difficult places like slanted ceilings. In addition, you may generate a lot of usable storage space for storing extra goods like purses. Fitted wardrobes appeal to many individuals since they allow them to select color-coordinated items with their existing decor.
  • Although installing a high-quality fitted wardrobe is not inexpensive, if you do the job correctly and engage a competent firm to design and install a high-end product for you, you will be able to recuperate the cost of this investment when it comes time to sell your home.
  • Although installing a high-quality fitted wardrobe is not cheap, if you do it well and employ a respected firm to design and install one for you, you will be able to recoup your investment when you sell your home.


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