• What Can You Do With an Architecture Degree?

    A degree in architecture will help you to have a wide range of design-based skills. You don’t have to be an architect to make a living, but most architects graduates are looking for chartered architects so they can practice professionally.

    And advice to architecture students. Do not forget to take rest from studying. Of course, you may say that “I need to write my dissertation” but divide your time so you do not forget about yourself.

    Take a look at the different architecture career options and learn how to improve your employability , regardless if you earned your architecture degree online or on-campus.


    The most obvious profession in architecture is the one that you will start with. Being a fully qualified architectural professional will make you a leader in the development of technology and inspire people. As an architect, your clients and users will collaborate with you to design new buildings, or to complete extensions or modifications to existing buildings. Your goal is to make them safe, functional, and cost-effective.

    Architecture careers can be as diverse as you might imagine.

    • Building architecture is the creation of new buildings and adapting existing structures.
    • Landscape architecture is planning, designing, managing open spaces. It includes urban and natural areas.
    • Naval architecture is the design of ships and other marine vessels.

    As architects, your responsibilities include overseeing construction, planning, and managing environmental impacts.

    A degree from a statutory organization such as the UK’s Architects Registration Board will be required to become an architect. Employers find it very valuable and desirable to have previous experience in the architectural, design, or construction industry. Also, you should try to establish contacts within the industry. This can be done through work experience, universities departments, or by joining a professional association in architecture.

    Architectural technologist

    Also known as an architectural technician, this career will require you to use your engineering and science knowledge to design and construct durable and resilient buildings and refurbishments. Both computer-aided and traditional drawing techniques are used to create and present design plans and assist clients with technical issues. You will also benefit from your work experience when applying for these jobs. This will help you understand how architects manage projects.

    Designers of interior and spatial design

    The job of an interior and spatial designer is to design or renovate interior spaces and fixtures and fittings. This requires their artistic, creative design, and project management skills. Some designers will concentrate on the appearance and not the structure. It is possible to work in commercial, domestic, or leisure settings. In each case, you will have to understand your client’s needs while obtaining materials as well as keeping within budget.

    Building surveyor

    A building surveyor is someone who enjoys problem solving and building design. Building surveyors also take preventative measures to ensure buildings are in good shape and to make them more durable. Experience in pre-entry is highly recommended. This will allow you to see how ideas are implemented in the real world and possibly lead you to paid employment through the relationships you’d make.

    Town planner

    If you are interested in developing, regeneration, sustainability and planning, you might consider a career in town planning. This is where you will plan and manage the development of villages, towns, cities, and countryside. As a town planner, you will be working for the entire area, as well as other professionals, such an architect, to balance the needs of the local population, economy, and environment. You will also work with architects to create innovative, sustainable development solutions. A strong ability to multitask, commercial awareness, attention and negotiation skills are essential to becoming a town planner.

    Production designer

    If you are interested in the entertainment business, you might consider a job as a production design on the set of movies, television programs, and theater shows. Produce designers work closely alongside the producer and director to create the visual plan for each production. Some production designers focus solely on stage and theater design. Others may also work with other media types. This is not a job for beginners. You will need to move up the ranks, starting as a runner in film. It is possible to get involved in student theater groups or internships.

    Historic buildings inspector

    The historic building inspector, also known as conservation officer, works to conserve the historic environment and protect and enhance buildings of historical, architectural, or cultural importance. As a historic building inspector, you will inspect and survey historic buildings, provide advice and participate in projects that improve the community’s economy and environment. While not required, a postgraduate degree could be very helpful in improving your prospects in this highly competitive field. You must have an interest in and knowledge of historic architecture as well as relevant legislation regarding buildings and conservation.

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    Structural engineer

    As architects, structural engineers are innovators. They use science and math to design, plan, and manage structures that will withstand the pressures from human and environmental wear and tear. Working with architects and other engineers, a structural engineer will design safe and attractive structures. You’ll also be responsible for selecting the best materials to meet design specifications. It is possible to also inspect existing buildings to make sure they are up to code and structurally sound. You will need to have a postgraduate degree in order to be a chartered structural engineers, depending on what your country requires.

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