Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen – Smart Storage

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The Internet is now flooded with success stories of people decluttering their home. Everyone is following the footsteps of Marie Kondo by removing things that do not spark joy anymore. Minimalism is all the rage right now as it enhances productivity and creativity while working in that space. Especially the kitchen. It is used daily and so it has a high probability of getting messier and cluttered. And who wants a messy and cluttered kitchen? No one!

So if you struggle with the same issue, these smart decluttering tips won’t mess up the interior design of your kitchen and also help you keep your kitchen clutter-free almost all the time.

Storage Is Your Friend

Maximize the storage space in your kitchen as it decreases the chances of you leaving a mess while working. The only way to keep a kitchen organized all the time is to create a place for everything in it.


For example, if you buy a sliding spice rack, then it will be easier to keep it clean after working. On the other hand, if you randomly place them on the countertop, chances are they will always be out of order.

Designate a special place for every little thing in the kitchen. Categorize every single thing according to its utility and then store accordingly. The most used item should be in the front and vice versa. This trick is beneficial when multiple people use the same kitchen as it allows everyone to follow an order.You can check Decor Fácil for more kitchen inspiration.

Relocate Appliance You Don’t Use Often

But every kitchen at some point runs out of storage space no matter how smartly you organize everything. To solve this problem, try removing appliances or tableware that you do not use frequently.

For example, the fancy china dinner set you only take out on Thanksgiving dinners or holiday parties needs not to stay in the kitchen the whole year. Moreover, if you only bake on special occasions, you should consider moving the bakeware to a storage unit inside the house. In this way, you will not end up with random appliances lying around on the kitchen counter.

It’s a simple idea but it’ll go miles when you’re decluttering, organizing, or renovating your kitchen.

Avoid Buying Unnecessary Gadgets

We all fall prey to the telemarketing and buy things impulsively without much thought or planning. Then we end up with useless kitchen gadgets that are not helping out. Before buying anything, ask yourself the golden question, “Do I need this?” or “How often am I going to use it?” Then make that purchase only if you can answer the above questions correctly.

Instead of buying single-use appliances, invest in multi-purpose products. They might cost extra at times but will pay you in the long run. Donate any gadget if another appliance can perform its function. The same rule applies to cookware and Tupperware.

Throw Out The Food You Do Not Eat Anymore

Not every kitchen is blessed with a separate pantry, which means you only have limited space to work with. Occupying it with unnecessary items that you plan to use once in a lifetime will create extra traffic. Designate a day for this decluttering project and deep clean your entire pantry. Follow these kitchen organization hacks for stress-free cleaning:

  • Throw away all the food that has expired.
  • Donate the food items that you do not intend to use in the near future.
  • Buy transparent storage containers as it makes it easier to locate things while cooking.
  • Organize pantry items into different categories and then store accordingly.

Control your consumerist habits and stop buying useless things. You don’t have to hoard bulk loads of groceries as you can always order them online. Moreover, you can always borrow fancy tableware or appliances if and when you need them.