Vintage Looking Restaurant Design Has Modern Experience | Neovana Design

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Vintage Looking Restaurant Design Has Modern Experience | Neovana Design

The symbol of 3Seventy kitchen:- the three lines defines  Spoon, Fork and Knife, seven lines define the Table Matt and the circle defines the Plate.

The reason behind the name 3Seventy kitchen:-360 is generally spoken as 360degrees,365 is spoken as 365days and 370 should be known as 370kitchen.

the concept was to create a modern/vintage fine dining experience which is covered with stone on 3sides of the restaurant and the aqua blue colour leather seatings add a modern touch with an organic curvature facade made from oak wood.The use of natural elements which are environmentally free was the key feature of the restaurant.

Use of natural elements such as the engraved stone that was brought up from the regions of RAJULA, a city situated in Gujarat with an odd random size of 8″ x 12″ and were installed randomly to give the restaurant a natural and authentic feel.Also, the other Antique Grey stone that was installed in a break free form.


The L-shaped handmade engraved stone wall and the circular centre seating arrangement.

A 13feet long and weighing 800kgs MS Jali is the centre of attraction that is kept hanging from both ends of the wooden columns

The facade has been treated with OAK wood veneers and textured glass which are installed in the slits created in the facade.Fabricated MS Jali partitions were made to define different areas and seating arrangements, also the use of aqua blue colour leather with oak wood furniture adds a subtle modern look to the restaurant.

We wanted to create a facade that has an organic form because of the site location of the restaurant and so we created wood panels with glass slits and we divided the panels into 5parts of the facade and each and every part was made and installed according to the curves that were designed.

A 15 Ton HVAC unit was planned for a 72seater restaurant and a waiting space.The airflow grills were placed according to the ceiling designed with random positions.

The 6’feet long CHAIN chandelier on the bar was designed with brass finished aluminium chains to give an authentic touch to the bar and other decorative naked bulb pendants were installed on the round tables to give a vintage ambience to the restaurant.

A 128sqft of waiting area, a 1370sqft of restaurant dining space with 48sqft of mocktail bar,52sqft of common wash basin and service passage area,542sqft of the kitchen and an 88sqft of the store room.

The client is a restaurant owner of LAKE VIEW Restaurant in SURAT since 1969 and is now running chains followed by 3SEVENTY KITCHEN & BISTRO by LAKE VIEW restaurant from 2015.

The client was very clear that he wanted a vintage look of the restaurant and so he just shared that we want to have a restaurant that shares a vintage/modern experience.



Project: Restaurant project

Restaurant Name: 3Seventy Kitchen

Design Lead: Id.Harit Desai and Id.Shefali Desai


Area: 2218sqft

Year of completion:  2017

Photography credits: Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia (Photographix India).



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  • That’s Amazing! A peculiar restaurant, with amazing interior designs and the features that you have explained in your article draws me to have an experience with the Vintage Modern Restaurant. Exclusively Great Designing Work!!!

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