• A Beginner’s Guide On How To Succeed In Construction Work

    A Beginner’s Guide On How To Succeed In Construction Work

    Construction is a huge industry and one where there is significant potential for lots of work – so how do you get involved in it? Well, read on to see.


    1. Show Up On Time At All Times

    This is one of the most significant rules when working in any industry as being late can be detrimental to a career, particularly in the construction industry.  Do not run late!  If you need to carjack your college counsellor to arrive on time, then you need to do so; however, you must be at the construction work site before the first machine is cranked up or the tool belts are strapped on.  Better yet, show up at least fifteen minutes early.  This indicates enthusiasm and you will have time to “hang out” with the older employees.


    1. Always Leave Your Cell Phone In The Car

    While this may seem a risky action, leaving a cell phone in the car for someone to steal; it is essential when working on a construction site.  If you do not leave the cell phone off-site someone is likely to slap it out of your hand and this is far more dangerous.  Construction sites are hazardous workplaces and you do not want any type of distraction.  Check social networking sites like Facebook during lunch, no-one will judge you then.


    1. Always Dress For Success

    Not only does the construction gear look fantastically rugged and manly, but it can assist in completing the hard work without any problems.  When working on a construction site it is vital that you have the correct apparel, this includes sturdy boots, jeans, gloves, and a hat if you are working outdoors.  Ideally, you would wear a hard hat and reflective vest if this is the suit all the others are wearing.

    A top tip from a Texan construction worker: try sticking to long sleeve, oversized and well-worn cotton shirts as they will reflect the sun in summer.  Tank tops may seem cool, but they tend to increase heat when using tools.


    1. Bring A Packed Lunch, Lots Of Water, And Sunscreen

    In some cases lunch, water, and sunscreen will be provided; however, you can never be sure and it is better to be prepared than sorry.  Knapsacks are fine to keep these items together but bear in mind you will be burning plenty of calories – a salad is not going to restore energy and see you through the day.


    1. Remain Humble And Honest

    The person that hired you may not always be the person who acts as your supervisor, but this does not mean you should overstate your current construction skills.  The majority of contractors and supervisors have a specific method whereby the like to perform a task, so it is better to ask and follow instructions instead of going your own way and landing up being dismissed after a single day.


    1. Pay Attention

    A decade or more of gender-neutralizing, passive, politically correct public education may have turned you into a zombie of sorts; however, the moment work begins on a construction site you will need to pull yourself out of zombie-mode and pay attention.  If you do not perk up and be aware of your surroundings you may find yourself falling off a roof, being impaled on a rebar, setting items on fire with a welding torch, or being extruded into the dirt by a wheel loader.


    1. Practice Mindfulness

    I realize the concept of mindfulness may sound like a bunch of rubbish to people working on construction sites, but hear me out.  The majority of construction work is highly repetitive and it is easy to become distracted, but losing focus can lead to detrimental results.  If you find your attention slipping, remember that Larry Bird made hundreds of practice shots every single day of his career even during his time on crutches.  The persistence he had worked for him, so it should work for you in the construction industry.


    If you’re looking for work then read this piece from PSR on the subject.

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