Types of Sheds you Can Get for Your Backyard or Barnyard

Having a backyard is means having extra space to play with, and that there are several exciting ways of managing it. One of the most convenient additions to the backyard is a shed. Most people love getting a shed but often don’t know the types of sheds they can choose between.

We love exploring the range of sheds people buy for their backyards or barnyards and can give you the basic knowledge on the topic. This blog will introduce you to the types of sheds you can choose from when selecting which one you want.

Why Getting a Shed is a Good Idea

First, let’s discuss why getting a shed is beneficial for you. We have listed the top three reasons building a shed for your backyard is a good idea.

1.     Extra Storage

Sheds provide extra storage, which means you don’t need to stuff all your belongings in your main house. It is natural to accumulate things as the years go by, but your home has limited space, and you will eventually run out.

The safe storage space a shed provides will allow you to move some of your belongings, keeping the house neat and clean.

2.     Keeping the House Safer for Children

Sheds are perfect for storing machines like lawnmowers and building and repair tools. Keeping them in the house will make them accessible to children, resulting in all kinds of accidents.

Hence, sheds make your house a safer space for your pets and children.

3.     Space for Practicing Hobbies

Some hobbies, like painting, crafting, etc., are not as easy to practice at home because things can get dirty. Having a shed is perfect for such times because you don’t have to worry about keeping everything neat and tidy in there.

Therefore, sheds become a space where you can go wild with your arts, crafts, and other interests.

Types of Sheds you Can Get for Your Backyard or Barnyard

Now that we all agree that having a shed in your backyard is a good idea let’s consider the types of sheds you can choose from. Following are some of the most popular shed styles:

1.     Lean-to Shed

A lean-to shed is usually connected to an existing structure, like your house or garage, which makes it a convenient style. The best part about having such a shed is the proximity to your home. You can use it to store items you will regularly need, as it is easily accessible.

Lean-to sheds also have a unique design, with one side taller than the other. Overall, it is versatile and easy to use.

2.     Barn Shed

Barn sheds are standard in barnyards and are used as a space for farm animals to stay in. It is a single-story building that provides extensive storage and is incredibly spacious. If you are not a farmer or an animal enthusiast, you can convert this place into your workshop.

It will be easier for you to practice your hobbies and craft here because you won’t have to worry about the space losing its aesthetic.

3.     Gambrel

A gambrel is an independent unit usually made at a slight distance from the main house. It has a steeply sloped roof, which means you can also ask your builders to include an attic in the shed design to give you some extra storage space.

Gambrels are ideal if you want a shed to increase storage, park your car, or create a workshop. They are spacious and versatile, making them the perfect fit for your needs.

4.     Table Shed

 A table shed is a traditional upright shed that stores essential tools for ages. Table sheds tend only to be big enough to store gardening essentials. They are perfect if you only want a shed for storing something small because they are not the right fit for extending storage space.

5.     Gables

Structured like a mini-cabin in the woods, gables are the most common type of shed used for storage or as a workshop. They are perfect for storing all gardening essentials and machines like lawnmowers. However, they are not as big as Gambrels, which means you cannot use them for parking your car.

People do use gables for storing bicycles, so this type of shed is perfect for you if you want a place to store smaller vehicles like them.

Final Thoughts

In short, there are several types of sheds to opt for depending on your needs, so make sure you know which one you want in your backyard. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and will use the information we provided when making your final decision.