• Tree Management 101: When Should You Preserve And When Should You Cut?

    We all know that trees improve the environment, but they also make sense economically. Most real estate agents think that naturally wooded lots are 20 percent more salable, and 89 percent of homeowners want builders to leave as many trees as possible on their property. But trees don’t just improve curb appeal. They can also help lower energy bills by helping regulate temperatures. But in many cases, trees planted near structures can cause some problems, so it’s important to consider tree management when designing new properties.

    Making Tree Preservation Plans

    Because they add so much value to property, preserving trees should be a priority for developers. But there are multiple factors to consider when deciding which trees to preserve. Some tree species are stronger and live longer, while others have weak wood that’s prone to breakage. Unhealthy trees pose the risk of dropping large branches or falling over completely, and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Some trees have historical significance, which makes them great choices for preservation.

    Getting rid of potentially hazardous trees is crucial, but it should also be sustainably done; the removal of these trees and branches shouldn’t harm the other trees on your property. According to Todd’s Tree Service, the best way to do this is the old-fashioned way, or by hand. By avoiding heavy-duty equipment, it is possible to minimize the impact on the landscape. You can also replace smaller trees or transplant healthy, larger trees to other locations on site.

    Incorporating Trees In Design

    Strategically placed trees can reduce energy use for heating and cooling by 10 percent. To use trees to cool buildings in warm weather, plant or preserve them on the west and east sides. If retaining heat during winter is more of a concern, preserving trees to the north of buildings is a good idea. If you’re developing a larger project, you could consider setting aside a grove of trees for recreation and environmental benefits. It’s important to note that trees growing in groups are accustomed to each other, and removal can subject the remaining trees to windthrow, altered soil conditions, and so forth. Preserving trees in clusters can help maintain their health.

    Preserving trees properly takes time, good planning and communication, and resources. But the results are well worth the effort. Taking the time to understand the landscape and how to incorporate trees in development can result in attractive, functional and valuable properties.

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