Transitioning Simplicity with Earthy Color in Office Design at HEPC, Ahmedabad | Studio Blank Canvas

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Altered perception of designing office spaces is a prominent rising trend, designing for more human responsive experience and mitigating new ways of working. Importance of working from a mind-space of mental and physical comfort are now implemented in different ways, like using earthy color and neutral palettes in this space. With inclusion of breakout space as open terrace, plants – indoor and outdoor, no visual barriers are all cumulative of this transitional work place experience, promoting the intrinsic ways of collaboration and interactions fostering creativity and innovations. ~Yamini Vaswani

Transitioning Simplicity with Earthy Color in Office Design at HEPC, Ahmedabad | Studio Blank Canvas

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A column less blank space on the 11th floor of a commercial building in the heart of Ahmedabad was presented to us to design an office for an environmental consultant. The client had envisaged a minimal functional space, which was exactly what we planned to deliver.

There were two zones to the space, one at the entrance and one adjacent to the lavish double height balcony facing east, which was divided by a toilet and pantry block at the centre.

The segregation of function was decided such that the director’s and manager’s cabins would be at the front, while the rear would be designated as the engineer’s workspace- with the landscaped green terrace for the spill over, making it accessible to maximum number of people- to sit and work in the comfortable winter months, have large group lunches together, or just sipping a cup of adrak chai whilst looking at the cityscape around.

Right from the main door, we decided to exhibit the firm’s philosophy and ideology-hence coming up with a wavy pattern depicting water, something which they work very closely and earthy color palette to pair with.

The reception was a pause point in the circulation, not too elaborate, but at the same time something eye-catching right at the entrance. Hence came a curved table and 2 chairs in a niche in the offset of the curve of the table. The wooden and glass louvers acting as a backdrop also gave an effective permeable partition between the reception and the accountant’s cabin behind it. The curves gave a fluid passage at the entrance, which gave a sense of continuity and smoothness, guiding the person inside.

The director’s cabin was one of the prime spaces, which would house all important clients and meetings. It was thus positioned at the front end of the office. The partitions were all designed in solid wood and fluted glass- adding just enough drama and suspense. The materials were all from earthy neutral palette, wooden veneers, natural stone and wooden flooring- this material palette was continued throughout the office. An elaborate bookshelf was designed to be the backdrop of the director- showcasing his love for books and knowledge. Custom made solid wood handles were designed to enhance the idea of a bespoke furniture piece, specifically designed to fit his particular needs. Natural stone clad table and custom-made furniture pieces added a unique charm to this quaint cabin. This cabin was connected to the manager’s cabin via sliding folding doors, which enabled the space to house more people as and when the need arose.

The pantry and printing zone was integrated in the passage such that they camouflage in the walls of the corridor, effectively hiding the service spaces.

The passage then leads to an open engineer’s workspace- a space devoid of any partitions or segregations, encouraging dialogues and interactions- helped by the warm material palette of greys whites and browns-with a dash of green which does not overwhelm one’s visual senses and receiving ample daylight. It was also important to incorporate maximum storage in this space, hence all the walls are lined with floor height storage shelves, camouflaged into the space. The focal point of this space is the stone-clad hanging work desk, suspended from the ceiling-giving a floating effect and making the floor plate look grander and free flowing.

Fact File

Designed By: Studio Blank Canvas

Typology: Office Interior Design

Project Name: Himadri Enviro-Protection Consultants Office (HEPC)

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Size: 900 sq.ft.

Year Built: 2021

Duration: 6 Months

Project Cost Appx: 25 Lac

Principal Architect: Khyati Kishor and Jaydeep Rathod

Photography Credits: Architecture Visuals Dhrupad

Products and Materials: Veneer: Rotolam | Cladding: AGL Stone | Blinds: Neptune House | Artifacts: 079 Design Store

Firm’s Website Link: Studio Blank Canvas

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