Traditional Wooden Cabinets Vs Readymade Cabinets Made Entirely Of Glass

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Storage space is essential to every home and it seems that most homes can never have enough of it. Cabinets have traditionally been used to offer the extra storage needed, but wooden stand-alone cabinets do take up a lot of valuable space. Wall-mounted cabinets made of wood are often not too stylish and don’t lend anything to a room’s appeal, especially if a room is small or has a more contemporary feel. Glass wooden cabinets offer a seamless flow to a room. Made from tempered cabinet glass, they are strong, functional and can be used as accent pieces. 

Transform a small bathroom by optimizing the wall space available with readymade glass cabinets and make it appear much bigger. Take the same concept to other areas of your home and see how you can flawlessly add extra storage space that will help you declutter and lighten up your home. 

Why traditional wooden cabinets have become obsolete

Many wooden storage units are bulky and unattractive and don’t fit into the décor of a modern home. Wooden cabinets, even those that are glass-fronted, don’t allow the same amount of light to pass through them. Wood doesn’t always age well and needs to be maintained, especially if your cabinets are placed in a bathroom or kitchen. The hot, damp steam in bathrooms also encourages the growth of mold on wooden cabinets, meaning that you will have to either repaint or replace them at some point. 


What makes readymade glass cabinets the ideal choice? 

Glass cabinets offer display benefits because they allow direct light to pass through them from every angle. They are an elegant way to enhance any room and they are easy to maintain because the tempered glass is stain-resistant to fingerprints and smudges. These stylish glass cabinets can be wall-mounted in areas where they will not take up much space and offer elegant storage space while also making a statement. Personal belongings are discreetly stored behind the frosted cabinet glass doors and these also latch securely so that they don’t swing on their own. This ensures that your personal belongings are not unnecessarily displayed and no one can accidentally bump into a door that refuses to stay closed. The finishing touches to each cabinet glass are in hardy bright steel components and the whole unit is easy to mount as it comes with tutorial video instructions and the hardware required. 

Where can readymade glass cabinets be used? 

Readymade glass cabinets are not only designed for bathrooms. They can add seamless storage space to any area of your home. They come in two, three, and four-tier models, and the three tiers cabinet glass models also available in a corner storage model. 

Add extra style and storage space without reducing any of the floor space of your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living room, and let the wall-mounted frosted glass cabinet brighten up an otherwise dull area of any room. 

Some ideas on how to use ready-made glass cabinets

  • replace an old medicine cabinet in your bathroom
  • use up the wasted space above your toilet
  • add some extra space for your personal belongings next to your bedroom dresser
  • provide some space for your husband’s bar accessories and declutter his bar counter

Types of frosted glass cabinets available online 

These cabinet glass storage units can be incorporated into the design of any room in your home and discreetly showcase your belongings with their mirrored internal back panel and frosted glass external panels. Mount one or more of these cabinet glass units and create an artistic display of your own wherever extra storage space is desired in your home. Four types of wall mounted glass cabinets in multiple sizes available to order online right away.

Two-tier glass cabinets

The two-tiered cabinet is available in three color variations; crystal silver, crystal black, and crystal gold. It has an internal mirrored back panel and there are two glass storage shelves. 

Three-tier glass cabinets

With the three-tiered glass cabinet, you will have three storage shelves and a glass back panel. Available in crystal silver, crystal black, and crystal gold, its storage space is ideal for many areas of your home. 

Three-tier corner glass cabinets

Discreetly use a corner unit to gain storage space in any room of your home. These three tiered-corner glass cabinets come in crystal white, crystal grey, and crystal gold, and can be used alone or in combination with the other storage units to create an unusually designed display. 

4-Tier glass cabinet locker

The four-tier locker unit is a wall-mounted storage unit with ample storage space and won’t take away any floor space from the room where you need it. Its four shelves are strongly fixed and its flat edges made of opaque silver glass available in crystal white, crystal grey, or crystal gold. 

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