Traditional architecture style meets modernity | Kham design


Traditional architecture style meets modernity-Kham design

‘Prasanna Nair’s Residence’ was designed by Bangalore-based firm Kham design ,the concept was to promote crafts and can create a haven for traditional artistry.To give the promised concept it was designed to establish a cultural link the furniture is bamboo based and oxide flooring creates a perfect balance exhibiting Indian artworks.

This Three storey Bungalow was designed it such a way that it creates a visual connection with linearly designed brick cladding throughout inviting lights to penetrate into spaces.The ground floor plan have open garden space and a connecting area . The use of Indian elements like Jalli creatively made with brick composition give it a whole different experience to space.


The open to sky space generates an interesting positive space for nature to bind in with the interior. the brick cladding adds a language to the overall composition.





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