Between 2007 and 2011, a mass exodus unfolded when hundreds of thousands of residents living in Los Angeles County moved to adjacent Riverside County, California to take advantage of the affordable housing market. Fast forward nearly 10 years, and Riverside County has enjoyed one of the most robust real estate markets in the United States.

Touching the eastern edge of Los Angeles County, Riverside County spans all the way to the Arizona border. Between the hundreds of miles of land includes the world renowned Joshua Tree National Park and the resort city of Palm Springs, CA. The Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario Statistical Metropolitan Area, which is also referred to as the Inland Empire, ranks as one of the fastest growing regions in California.

Riverside County consists of 26 diverse neighborhoods that combined have a population of nearly 2.5 million residents. Which neighborhoods made the Utopia Property Management list of the top neighborhoods in Riverside County?


With more than two-thirds of its residents homeowners, Murrieta offers first time home buyers a more affordable way to transition into an active family lifestyle. The younger demographic is apparent in the bustling entertainment district, but the most appealing feature of the area is the highly rated public school district. The average age of Murrieta residents is three years younger than the average for other areas of the state.


How would you like to live away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, but still have access to the best social and cultural attractions the City of Angels has to offer? Temecula is located at the crossroads that connect greater LA with the beach life celebrated in Orange and San Diego counties. Rated the top neighborhood in Riverside County by Niche, Temecula ranks in the top 50 neighborhoods nationwide for its public school system, as well as for the abundance and variety of outdoor recreational activities. As with Murrieta, more than two-thirds of the residents of Temecula own their homes.


Eastvale is a shining example of you do not have to leave the city to find gainful employment. The area achieves an annual average job growth rate of five percent, with the economy providing residents with job opportunities that cover a wide variety of vocations. More than 75 percent of the residents own homes, which makes Eastvale one of the most stable housing markets in Southern California. Money magazine recently rated Eastvale as the 17th Best Place to Live in the United States. The neighborhood is ideal for investors that want to generate income from rental units.

Palm Desert

With property values a bit on the pricey side, where can you find an affordable place to live in Riverside County, and yet still enjoy the natural and artificial amenities that make the region a popular place to live? Then answer lies 14 miles east of Palm Springs in an oasis called Palm Desert, California. More than 40 percent of residents rent their homes because the city generates most of its tax revenue from the bustling tourism and hospitality industries. The First Weekend program features special events held every month to promote a strong bond in the community.


As one of the largest communities in Riverside County, CA, Corona is referred to as the Lemon Capital of the World. The Corona neighborhood boasts more than 390 acres of parks, publicly owned fields, and a large amount of recreational space. Nearby mountains and a short drive to a popular beach give residents a wide variety of outdoor recreational options. Considered one of the most age diverse Riverside communities, Corona is home to the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The presence of the facility motivated civic and business leaders to develop one of the most respected continuing education systems operating in Southern California.

Canyon Crest

As one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Riverside County, Canyon Crest is home to an education system that ranks near the top of any neighborhood in greater LA. The curriculum specializes in developing math and science skills to prepare students for entrance into one of the many colleges and universities that operate nearby. Canyon Crest Town Centre attracts diners and shoppers from all over the Inland Empire. The busy commercial district generates plenty of revenue for the City of Riverside, which helps lower property taxes for neighborhood residents.


Rising from the barren plots of an undeveloped section of southeast Riverside, Orangecrest has emerged as one of the up and coming neighborhoods in Riverside County. An average resident age of 33 makes the neighborhood perfect for first time home buyers that want to settle down in an area that offers a highly rated education system. The public school district perennially ranks near the top of Southern California school districts.

Downtown Riverside

Why make the drive to downtown Los Angeles, when all the cultural and historical attractions you need sit a short drive away in the neighborhood called Downtown Riverside. Historical landmarks such as the Fox Theater and the Riverside County Historic Courthouse attract history buffs from all over the county. The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa lights up the sky each winter during the holiday season, with more than 3.5 lights illuminating celebrants. Fairmount Park offers a trail that takes hikers to the crest of Mt. Rubidoux. A wide variety of cultural restaurants include French, Italian, and Vietnamese eateries.

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