Top Interior Design Ideas of the Year 2020

If you have moved to a new house recently or you have become incredibly bored with the design of your previous house and need something to lighten up your living space. A good, lively home means one you will look forward to coming back to, and one which will fill you with motivation to get things done.

You don’t need to redecorate the entire house necessarily. You will be surprised at how making some key changes that actually quite hassle-free, your home could look brand new.

Most of the time, interior designers rely on small tricks that have the greatest impact. A tricky placement of a mirror, the addition of a new potted plant, a new painting, and your home suddenly looks brighter. Let’s take a look at some of the top interior design ideas of the year you can implement in your home.

Top 10 Interior Design Ideas Trending in 2020

1. The Trick of Painting Rooms

One of the first and foremost tricks of trying to make your home look brighter is to make sure the rooms look big. If your room is already quite large, you won’t have any problem. However, living in a small room can feel suffocating. In this situation, the first order of business is to use light colors to paint the room.

Once you combine a light-colored room with large windows and mirrored surfaces, the light coming in from the windows reflect on the mirrors and gives the illusion that space is larger than it actually is.

Alternatively, if the room is painted with dark colors, even if you have lots of windows and mirrors in the room, the room would feel small and boxed in. In fact, dark colors only amplify the small size of the room with the help of mirrors.

2. Place Mirrors Strategically

Just like we mentioned before, mirrors can make a room feel larger than it actually is. If the room is already large enough, however, lacks in terms of enough windows, as long as you place the mirror on the opposite side of the window, the light will invade your entire living space. This is because the light is reflected in the mirror and fills up the room.

Sometimes, we have too much space left on our wall and we don’t know enough about art to use it to fill up space without being embarrassed when a guest asks what the piece means. Well, we can always use a decorative mirror to adorn the space instead. Whether the room is large or small, adding a mirror can instantly give a more 3D view of the living space.

You can add some of these showers from Fab Glass and Mirrors, a company that takes orders for all kinds of mirrors. This also applies to your bathroom. A small bathroom can look larger with a shower door and glass shelves, which will display the shower and the items inside the shelves respectively while also getting ample light inside the room.

3. Mix up the Items

This might sound cheesy but any good interior designer will tell you that your home should ultimately reflect who you are as a person. When guests visit, one glance should tell them about your personality and sense of style. So, don’t be afraid to let your personality bleed through in your interior decorating choices.

It is perfectly fine to let an old desk that has been passed down to your family for generations sit beside a modern couch. Your choice for the modern couch and the memory that you have decided to cherish both tells a story about you. Past and present can and should co-exist together.

You can apply the same logic to art. Now, you might not place paintings of completely different styles and artists side by side, but there is no reason why they can’t at least be in the same room. Apply the same logic to other items in the room too. Mix up textures and patterns, furniture, rugs, pillows, choice of colors. Make your living space warm, unique, and truly yours.

4. Comfortable Covers

Now, we know slipcovers don’t exactly have a good reputation, but it’s pretty much a preconceived notion. You can change the look of your furniture entirely based on the season with the help of slipcovers.

Coverings can be removed easily, yet they make your room look sophisticated and you don’t have to constantly worry about anyone dirtying the actual furniture or leaving permanent marks on them.

You will especially be eternally grateful to slipcovers if you have children in your home.  Slipcovered couches, especially above the white ones, make the room casual and comfortable, one you can spend your day lounging on and yet, elegant.

5. Wicker baskets

Want to save up on space and yet make the room look elegant? You have wicker baskets to thank for this interior designing trick. You can save up on so much storage space with the help of wicker baskets, and it is a smart, economical choice to boot.

You can store your books, magazines, toys, towels, blankets, and plenty of other things in these baskets.

Place wicker baskets in your kitchen or on the countertops to store your fruit and vegetables or maybe some masalas. In your bathroom, you can use wicker baskets to store your clothes or other kinds of toiletries.

6. Employ the Items you Already own

We all have items that we have neatly packed somewhere in our house and haven’t given them a second look since. They have been waiting patiently, all these years, in tip-top condition waiting for you to finally make use of them. It’s time to give them their due. Any good home needs some accessories to complete it.

You may have trays, wooden, acrylic or make of metal or silver which are dying to be placed over tea carts, trunks, besides coffee tables, just waiting to add that extra dimension to your room. Carefully place candles over them or you can arrange of frame books in a strategic manner.

The art you find in children’s books deserves to be framed and then hung in nurseries or their bedrooms. Just look around your house. You will find so much stuff that you can mix and match to make your room look lively and yet sophisticated.

7. Pot Holder

Your living room and bedroom aren’t the only spaces that deserve attention. The kitchen has its needs to. You spend so much of your day inside the kitchen, whether it is to prepare dinner or to serve means or to just make yourself a steaming cup of tea. A hanging pot rack will not only be useful inside the kitchen space, but it will also make the kitchen look immediately elegant.

Unlike most spaces in our homes, the kitchen should give off the feeling that it is constantly in use. A hanging pot rack certainly knows how to do this job well. Not only does it look wonderful- and you can decide on various size and style- it also frees up so much of your cupboard space where you can now store other items. There will not be enough storage space for kitchen that you can’t fill.

8. Greenery

There isn’t a home that doesn’t look as if it’s been lived in with the addition of green, certainly living plants. Add them to every room in your house, whether it is small or large. Add it to every leftover space that you don’t know what to do with.

Other than the fact that plants are quite simply, beautiful, it also cleans the air and balances humidity inside the room. The pollutants and harmful gases floating in the air are absorbed by them. Is it truly a home if you don’t have plants to compliment it?

9. The Bookcases

You might not believe it, but this is the oldest trick in the book. A space that you would have previously dubbed boring can look infinitely brighter with the addition of colors somewhere you would not have previously expected; like the bookcase.

You won’t even have to paint a large as you can wallpaper it instead. These bright colors will make your built-in bookcase look far more extraordinary than it is. Other unexpected places you can try painting are the closets, hallways, fireplace mantels, etc.

10. Use Area Rugs

While it’s true that hardwood floors are far easier to maintain, the presence of area rugs adds warmth and texture to your living room. In the middle of the cold winter, they also provide comfort to your delicate feet.

 You can get experimental with them, like using various patterns and fabrics together or using the same patterns and fabric but completely different colors. You can also change the rugs based on the month, like light-colored rugs for the warm spring seasons and such. After all, there is no limit to one’s imagination.


 Which of these ideas did you find the most attractive? Maybe you want to try all of them? In either case, you should probably start with adding mirrors to your room, as you can never go wrong with that one.

Also, there is no one size fits all when it comes to interior design. It depends on your personal liking and also the amount of space you have in your rooms. While some ideas go well for larger spaces, some others are only applicable for smaller spaces. Choose the ideas accordingly and we are sure you will have a beautiful looking home. 

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