• Top 50 dynamic Interior and Architecture Photographers in India Creating Art Through Lenses! 

    Photography is the most essential element of any finished interior or architecture projects. Where good photography is about creating art by the genius, standing behind the camera. Here we have the top 50 best and eminent interior and architecture photographers in the nation, forming art through their lenses.  

    Disclaimer: Kindly note that the list is in an alphabetical order!

    Interior and architecture photography in India are at a peak and having its moment. Since the technological advancement and growth of digital media, photography is now a vital part of any project. Though, taking good pictures is not enough. Especially when it comes to interiors and architecture, an entire visual documentation is what the clients desire nowadays. 

    Here we have the topmost interior and architecture photographers in India who are evidently producing the best work. And gaining honorable recognitions by renowned publications and nation-wide audiences. 

    1. Abhishek Shah 
    2. Anuja Kambli
    3. Arjun Krishna
    4. Avesh Gaur
    5. Bizou Images and Art – Biju Gopal 
    6. Captura India – Ar. Ayush Ostwal
    7. Compose Photography – Aditya Warlikar
    8. Cross Clicks Photography – Ashish Chakraborty
    9. Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala
    10. Hemant Patil
    11. Inclined Studio – Maulik Patel and Ar. Vidhi Patel
    12. Justin Sebastian
    13. Kavin Lasa
    14. Kalaative Productions – Marvel Andrews
    15. Manan Surti
    16. Manthan Yadav
    17. MKG Studio – Ar. Murtaza K Gandhi 
    18. Monika Sathe
    19. Noaidwin Sttudio – Nilkanth Bharucha
    20. Nayan Soni
    21. Onil Shah
    22. Perspectives by V – Vaibhav Bhatia 
    23. PHX India – Sebastian Zachariah and Ar. Ira Gosalia
    24. Photographic Work – Bharat Aggarwal 
    25. Pixellus Photography – Shubham Akolkar
    26. Prashant Bhat
    27. Pratikruti09 – Ar. Pratik Chandresha and Ar. Neha Mevada 
    28. Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
    29. Ricken Desai
    30. Rockbrand Inc – Akash Mistry
    31. Running Studios – Ar. Prasanth Mohan
    32. Studio 2:3 – Ar. Nitish Lekhadia
    33. Shades Studio Photography – Ar. Asmita Khodankar
    34. Shamanth Patil
    35. Studio Aroh Thombre
    36. Studio BluOra – Ar. Gitesh Gupta and Ar. Sarah Goswami
    37. Studio Rohan Patel
    38. Studio Charau – Fabien Charuau
    39. Tarang Goyal
    40. Tejas Shah
    41. The Space Tracing Company – Ar. Karan Gajjar
    42. Turtle Arts – Shahul Shibili
    43. Umang Shah
    44. VegaConcepts – Sudhir Parmar
    45. Vinay Panjwani
    46. Wabi-Sabi Studios – Janvi Thakkar
    47. What We Click – Yash Katariya and Sagar Bondarde 
    48. Yash Jain
    49. Yamini Krishna
    50. 148 South – Midhun Mathew and Milan Maliackal

    1. Abhishek Shah

    Abhishek-Shah-Architecture -photographers-in-India

    Website – Abhishek Shah Photography

    Instagram – Abhishek Shah Photography

    Bio – Constantly in the pursuit of an enriching visual experience, Abhishek holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Driven by a strong sense of space & composition and backed up by substantial technical know-how, he has captured over 100 buildings & spaces. 

    With a belief that capturing is just a part of the entire process of creating a visual, Abhishek painstakingly enhances the smallest detail through his post-production & photo-retouching proficiency, producing nothing but the best of the pixels. Along with his passion for photography, Abhishek is also prominently involved with the community. He is a part of various architecture photography workshops, events & photo-talks in India.

    2. Anuja Kambli


    Website – Anuja Kambli Photography

    Instagram – Anuja Kambli Photography

    Bio – Photography has been a passion and no, it wasn’t by accident that she got into it. It’s one of the easiest decisions she ever made and the toughest to abide by; but she is proud of it! Travelling has helped her improve her perception and developed her inclination towards interior & architecture photography in India. Capturing the perfect light & the aesthetics of the space fascinates her to no end. Her work reflects the warmth of natural light in every home she has photographed. Throughout her journey as an interior photographer, she has captured more than 200 home, studio & retails spaces.

    3. Arjun Krishna


    Website – Arjun Krishna Photography

    Instagram – Arjun Krishna Photography

    Bio – With an eye for design and an attention to lighting and detail, Arjun Krishna is a professional Architecture Photographer in India who has dedicated his career to documenting structures through clean and creative photography. This love for design and imagery combined with his experience and technical skills, is what makes this photographer stand out from the crowd. The philosophy behind his astounding success is a constant drive to improve his craft and expand his knowledge. In this industry, there is always something new to learn, and he make sure there’s a new lesson every single day.

    4. Avesh Gaur

    Avesh-Gaur-Architecture photographers-in-India

    Website –Avesh Gaur Photography

    Instagram – Avesh Gaur Photography

    Bio – Avesh’s work mainly focuses on photography & films for Architecture, Interior, Hotels, Real Estate, Developers, Industrial & Corporate sectors. His journey started in 2011 while he was still studying. Gradually his passion intensified and his work started getting recognition on various levels.
    He captures the real essence of any space effortlessly. Being involved in various genres of photography & films, he molds himself as per the requirement, be it an art project or a commercial shoot, his main goal is to deliver the best suited for his clients.

    5. Bizou Images & Art – Biju Gopal 

    Bizou-Images & Art-Architecture photographers-in-India

    Website – Bizou Images & Art

    Instagram – Bizou Images & Art

    Bio – Biju Gopal is a Mumbai based photographer and has specialised in interiors and architectural photography for close to 5 years. He started his career more than a decade back as a Commercial photographer mainly in the Advertising and product photography genre. After shooting a few interior projects he found his calling and leaned more towards shooting interiors and architecture.

    In these five years of finding this niche, he has gone on to establish a respectable portfolio of clients ranging from interior designers, architects, developers, commercial businesses, Hotels and boutique private clients. He feels that every house has a story to tell, a soul which is very intrinsic to the people living there and the designer/architects’ vision that needs to be captured/expressed. The images need to capture that soul in its truest form and that is what he strives to achieve in every project. Majorly shooting in Mumbai, he is available to document projects pan India and worldwide.

    As well as his passion for interior and architectural photography, he is also inclined towards the visual arts and writing; with some of his artworks being exhibited and sold to private clients.

    6. Captura India – Ar. Ayush Ostwal

    Captura-India-Architecture photographers-in-India

    Website – Captura India

    Instagram – Captura India

    Bio – Ayush Ostwal is an architect turned photographer based out of Jaipur, India. He pursued a degree in Bachelor’s in Architecture from Aayojan school of Architecture, Jaipur. During his studies, his keen interest towards creating interesting compositions and passion towards architecture photography in India as an art form led him to start his own venture, Captura India. Ayush’s photography portfolio ranges from architecture, interior, product, fashion and more. His diverse skill set enables him to deliver quality services to all his clients.

    7. Compose Photography – Aditya Warlikar

    Compose-Photography-Architecture photographers-in-India

    Instagram – Compose 1

    Bio – Aditya specializes in interior & architecture photography with a base in Mumbai but works pan India. He studied photography from National Institute of Photography and later from Shari Academy. And has been freelancing since 2015 and very early on while experimenting with all types of photography, he found his niche for shooting interior & architecture spaces.

    8. Cross ClicksAshish Chakraborty


    Instagram – Cross Clicks

    Bio –  By profession Ashish is an artist & photographer. However, he was a photo journalist of Times of INDIA & Hindustan Times in Kolkata.  At present he lives in Vadodara (Gujarat) doing painting, sculpture and photography. Yet his works are recognized widely in terms architecture photography in India.

    9. Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala – Prachi Khasghiwala 


    Website – Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala

    Instagram – Depictions by Prachi Khasgiwala

    Bio –  Ms Khasgiwala understood the moment of a structure, the buildings in and out, and the factors affecting the building. This gave rise to a passion for capturing those moments and framing them—her architectural background and fascination with buildings got her into Architectural Photography in India. Ms Khasgiwala claims to have had a fascination for concrete constructions since always. Before making it a profession, she was always keen to click the streets and buildings, be it a regular looking one or a piece of art.

    10. Hemant Patil


    Instagram – Hemant Patil Photography

    Facebook – Hemant Patil Photography

    Bio – Hemant Patil is a Pune based lifestyle and architectural photographer. A versatile and experienced photographer, he has worked with leading advertising agencies and business houses across the country. His work has received wide recognition and acclaim and has featured in leading design magazines of India. Having extensively travelled across India and abroad, Hemant has catalogued his journeys with a breathtaking collection of photographs.

    11. Inclined Studio – Maulik Patel and Ar. Vidhi Patel


    Website – Inclined Studio

    Instagram – Inclined Studio

    Bio – Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through photography.

    12. Justin Sebastian


    Website – Justin Sebastian Photography

    Instagram – Justin Sebastian Photography

    Bio – Justin Sebastian is a Cochin based Architecture photographer with popular interior & architecture firms as his clientale. He was an artist who made pictures with the pen, pencil and brush strokes, but later in life it was the art of lights, colours and elements in life that interested him. But as any normal household would require, he went on to do a basic graduation before making his interest a part of his achievement.

    13. Kavin Lasa


    Website – Kavin Lasa

    Instagram – Kavin Lasa

    Bio – Based in vibrant Chennai, Kavin graduated as an architect and his interest in documenting spaces led him into architecture photography. What started as photography competitions, his interest combined with storytelling passion became a mainstream career choice. Now, his commendable works are quickly pacing and gaining recognition in the architecture as well as interior community throughout the Nation. 

    14. Kalaative Productions – Marvel Andrews


    Instagram – Kalaative Productions

    Bio – Marvel Andrews, a photographer by passion and profession goes with the tagline, “Experience Every Photograph. “ Having the genes of a graphic designer and photographer and later the exposure to architectural studies, is now the owner of Kalaative Productions, an Architectural and Interior Photography company since the last 4 years based in Ahmedabad. Also shares space with birds and animals as a wildlife photographer and filmmaker who takes curated photographic wildlife tours pan India under the company Kalaative Wild Tours.

    15. Manan Surti


    Website – Manan Surti Photography

    Instagram – Manan Surti Photography

    Bio – Manan Surti is a photographer based in Surat, India. Being educated as an architect, he became very fascinated with the compositional and spatial expression of objects and then found ways of photography as the strongest means of capturing those expressions. Since then he has worked on various methods of photography ranging from Architectural, Fine Arts, Fashion & Products.

    Currently, he has been exploring different methods to bridge the genres of fashion, fine art, and architecture. 

    16. Manthan Yadav


    Website – Manthan Yadav Studio

    Instagram – Manthan Yadav Studio

    Bio – ​Keeping natural light as a primary element, Manthan’s work is more focused on creating images that depict a strong relationship between that space and the humans who are a part of it. He works with Interior designers, Architects, Corporate Firms, Builders, Hotel owners, and other talented creatives to document and showcase their projects. He received his Diploma in Commercial Photography with a concentration in Interior & Architecture photography in 2019.

    17. MKG Studio – Ar. Murtaza K Gandhi 


    Website – MKGandhi Studio

    Instagram – MKGandhi Studio

    Bio – MKG studio, established in 2021 is a firm based in Ahmedabad. We aim at providing visual documentation requirements for interior, architecture projects.

    Murtaza, abbreviated as M.K.G, is the creative director at MKG studio. He is an architect by education and realised his interest in photography while interning for his architectural studies. He completed his graduation and set off to try his hands at photography. Being an architect sparked a passion for documenting architecture and interior spaces and its interaction with the users. 

    He lives his dream of travelling to different places, exploring the architecture, food, meeting new people and listening to their stories. With his camera, he narrates the emotions and stories the spaces have to tell.

    18. Monika Sathe


    Website – Monika Sathe Photography

    Instagram – Monika Sathe Photography

    Bio – Her Fresh Approach To Architectural Photography, Combined With Her Fastidious Attention To Detail, Results In Exceptional Images With An Appreciation Of Light, Form And Colour With Minimalist Compositions That Reflect The Architect’s Vision, And Are Accurate Representations Of The Subjects. Monika Studied For A Masters Level Degree At The University Of The Arts In London Where She Developed A Strong Conceptual Approach To Her Work Along With Specialized Technical Skills. She Graduated With A Distinction In 2013.

    19. Noaidwin Sttudio – Nilkanth Bharucha


    Website – Noaidwin Sttudio

    Instagram – Noaidwin Sttudio

    Bio – An avid traveller and learner by nature, Nilkanth Bharucha discovered his love for photography during his graduation days. Soon after pursuing architecture, he ventured into architectural photography by interning as an assitant photographer with some renowned photographers. After interning and assisting for a while, he returned to his hometown Surat and that is how Noaidwin sttudio was born. His passion for photography and keen details led him to choose this variant of architecture rather than practising mainstream architecture. Young and enthusiast photographer of Noaidwin is steadily spreading its roots in the profession.

    20. Nayan Soni


    Website – Nayan Soni Photography

    Instagram – Nayan Soni Photography

    Bio – Nayan Soni is a renowned commercial Interior/Architecture photographer based in Bangalore, India. His service is known by the name “Nayan Soni Photography”. He started his journey as an image editor and used to work with photographers in various genres to edit their works. He got his first break as an Interior Photographer through a close friend who was looking to shoot their space in Bangalore. What he loves most about shooting interiors is the challenge each space brings in terms of layout and lighting conditions. His strength lies in capturing the details in natural lighting conditions. He is mainly active in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, and a few other cities. 

    21. Onil Shah


    Website – Onil Shah Photography

    Instagram – Onil Shah Photography

    Bio – A space has many different characteristics, depth, scale, color, sciography, time, the play of light and shadow, textures, etc. Understanding and inculcating them in the images is what lays the foundation of his approach towards photography. Based in Pune, when he is commissioned to shoot a structure, he treats it as if the structure will be demolished right after the photoshoot and this is his only chance to document it for future generations.

    22. Perspectives by V – Vaibhav Bhatia 


    Website – Perspectives by V

    Instagram – Perspectives by V

    Bio – Vaibhav Bhatia is an architectural photographer with an architectural background. He studied architecture and found himself fascinated with buildings, art and designs. His admiration of innovative design is what inspires his photography. Through the cameras lens Vaibhav offers a unique vision of architecture. With a body of work covering everything from grand scale architectural projects to smaller habitations, Vaibhav utilises his skill behind the camera to capture the nuances of architectural design; material details, flows of movement, formal and structural elements, utilisation of a space and a buildings contextualisation within its environment.

    23. PHX India – Sebastian Zachariah and Ar. Ira Gosalia


    Website – PHX India

    Instagram – PHX India

    Bio – Sebastian and Ira, the founders of Photographix India describe their work as a creative composition where each image is a creation. What started as a pure photography studio, now is an imaging services company consisting of photography, videography, styling in the architecture and interior niche. Photographix India is a collective team of young, talented, and focused individuals who strive to create an impeccable visual documentation of your projects. 

    24. Photographic work – Bharat Aggarwal 


    Website – Bharat Aggarwal Photography

    Instagram – Bharat Aggarwal Photography

    Bio – Bharat is a professional freelance photographer based in New Delhi who has carved a niche in professional architecture & interior photography and worked with passion in the field of travel and food photography. Starting his career in 2004, Bharat has worked with outlook traveller before giving in to his creative instincts and breaking free. since then he has built up an enviable portfolio having shot for various upmarket and leading hotels & resorts, architects, travel magazines and the food industry across the world.

    25. Pixellus Photography – Shubham Akolkar

    Website – Pixellus Photography

    Instagram – Pixellus Photography

    Bio – Shubham Akolkar is a passionate photographer with a background in MSW. His journey began with a deep love for photography, focusing on interior and architectural projects. Currently based in Gujarat, he actively covers projects in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. His expertise lies in capturing the essence of architectural and interior spaces, and also indulges in wildlife photography for relaxation. His heart has always belonged to photography, and he strives to create captivating visuals that tell unique stories.

    26. Prashant Bhat


    Website – Prashant Photography

    Instagram –  Prashant Photography

    Bio – His journey entailed other fields like wedding and fashion photography, but he found his calling in architecture and interior design photography – in colour, symmetry, patterns and light.

    A keen observer and life long learner, Prashant does not believe in categorisation or classification, but rather in the uniqueness and individuality of each project. Having travelled extensively and added a diverse plethora of projects to his body of work, Prashant’s next goal now is to document the lesser known heritage properties of India for posterity.

    27. Pratikruti09 – Ar. Pratik Chandresha & Ar. Neha Mevada 


    Website – Pratikruti09

    Instagram – Pratikruti09

    Bio – Being an architect by profession, the studio understands the significance of sensible composition, angle and point of view that best represent the design concept in still images. May you like it or feel strange, but they are the eye behind it all. The studio is based out of Surat, Gujarat and Hyderabad, Telangana are constantly exploring ideas, techniques and improving skill of seeing through lens. 

    28. Purnesh Dev Nikhanj


    Website – Purnesh Dev Nikhanj Photography

    Instagram – Purnesh Dev Nikhanj Photography

    Bio – Purnesh Dev Nikhanj is an international award-winning photographer, architect, screen-writer, and mixed-media artist based out of Chandigarh. He draws from deep psychological interests to represent space in various contexts. His forte lies in experimenting with illusions, patterns, and abstract perspectives for storytelling.

    His personal work is majorly in the field of architectural and landscape photography and video-making. In all his signature series, such as Lost in Paradox, Beyond, Child’s play, etc. he explores psychological, philosophical, and existential ideas.

    29. Ricken Desai


    Website – Ricken Desai Photography

    Instagram – Ricken Desai Photography

    Bio – Ricken is a renowned Architecture Photographer that believes in capturing the designs and details in all their structural glory. Ricken is creative, receptive, and not afraid to take a risk when it feels right. As a result, he has found himself coming up with creative solutions for snapping some incredibly difficult photos on a number of occasions. Ricken is an entrepreneur, ran a successful apparel business, has had his Masters from one of the top universities in London. However, as most of the clichés go, photography was his true calling.

    30. Rockbrand Inc – Akash Mistry


    Website – Rockbrand Inc

    Instagram – Rockbrand Inc

    Bio –  Akash Mistry in his early days started his career working in the field of sales and marketing in an advertising agency. After working a 9 to 5 desk job he decided to leave the sales field and started learning professional photography by watching youtube tutorials. He owns a photography firm named Rockbrand Inc and has specialized in architectural and interior photography for over five years in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. His clients include stylists/interior designers to developers, architects commercial firms, luxury hotels, resorts, and boutique properties. He is attracted by the beauty of our surroundings and, over the years has learned to capture it using photography. Akash is awed by the chance to collaborate with designers and architects in order to gain a better understanding of each project and produce photographs that express the designer’s intention and vision.

    31. Running Studios – Ar. Prasanth Mohan


    Website – Running Studios

    Instagram – Running Studios

    Bio – Prasanth did his bachelors in Architecture from TKM College of Engineering, Kerala, after which he started assisting Bollywood cinematographer Santosh Thundiyil. He was an assistant cinematographer for the Bollywood movie ‘Jai Ho’ and the Malayalam movie ‘Anchu Sundarikal.’ In 2012, he made his directorial debut with an independent music video “Yatra”. In 2013, he directed and cinematographed the award-winning silent short fiction “My Home.” Prasanth’s photographs and articles on architectural photography and conservation photography have been published in various architectural magazines.

    32. Studio 2:3 – Ar. Nitish Lekhadia


    Website – Studio 2:3

    Instagram – Studio 2:3

    Bio – In 2014, Nitish discovered his passion for photography while studying architecture. Armed with only a basic point-and-shoot camera, he followed and captured a bird, igniting his love for the art of photography. Nitish honed his photography skills and mastered his craft, while Pursuing wildlife photography. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, he ventured into Architectural Photography in 2019 along with a friend (Parth Gabani) who had a little different vision and skill set. Currently working as a photographer is solely on passion for photography he is carrying alongside Practising Sustainable Architecture.

    During an experimental in-house architectural photography session in 2019, Studio 2:3 was born as a result of two individuals combining their talents and working together to create something new. Name 2:3 is basically derived from frame ratio of every photo captured, no matter which camera. Nitish Currently Oversees, operations of Studio 2:3 in India while Parth Continues in Australia.

    33. Shades Studio Photography – Ar. Asmita Khodankar


    Website – Shades Studio Photography

    Instagram – Shades Studio Photography

    Bio – Ar. Asmita Khodankar is an experienced photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry. She is a strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) from Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Amity University, Noida. Her works are impeccable in the design realm, specializing in spatial designs and documenting them in an absolute brilliant way.

    34. Shamanth Patil


    Website – Shamanth Patil Photography

    Instagram – Shamanth Patil Photography

    Bio – Shamanth Patil J is an award-winning design and humanitarian photographer based out of Bangalore. With over 11 years of professional experience attributed to his diverse portfolio and ever-morphing body of work, he strives to amalgamate his eye for detail and surrealism in the form of impactful imagery. 

    The recent years have witnessed him steer his focus prevalently on Architectural and Interior photography endeavours. This has innately satiated his penchant for spaces, scale, light, craft, and the relationship among human end-users and their spaces.

    35. Studio Aroh Thombre


    Website – Studio Aroh Thombre

    Instagram – Studio Aroh Thombre

    Bio – Aroh was always very passionate about photography since a very long time, and wanted to do something professionally in the field of Photography. After completing B.Arch in 2017 and practicing Architecture and interior deisgning for 2 Years, he decided to try his hands on interior and architectural photography as a profession. Since then it has now been 4 Years that he is practicing Interior and Architectural Photography. Till date he has worked with several amazing designers in various parts of India and his work has been published in several prestigious magazines.

    36. Studio BluOra – Ar. Gitesh Gupta & Ar. Sarah Goswami


    Website – Studio BluOra

    Instagram – Studio BluOra

    Bio – Gitesh and Sarah were two bright eyed architecture students who crossed paths in the first year of their architecture degree. In 2011, Gitesh discovered his interest in photography. His lens was drawn to the allure of heritage sites and the vibrancy of street life whereas Sarah had an insatiable curiosity for history and a love for the written word. With Sarah’s eloquence and Gitesh’s artistic eye, they did several projects in Pune. Their dedication and talent propelled them forward.

    37. Studio Rohan Patel


    Website – Studio Rohan Patel

    Instagram – Studio Rohan Patel

    Bio – Studio Rohan Patel believes that every project is a new adventure with their clients. Located in Surat, their goal is to let our residential home designs and commercial business designs leave a lasting impact on the lives on every client. It is with this passion that we take on every new adventure.

    38. Studio Charau – Fabien Charuau


    Website – Studio Charau

    Instagram – Studio Charau

    Bio – Fabien Charuau is a French photographer based in Mumbai and working in Architecture and Interiors. He is also an artist working essentially with digital and generative art. Over the last twenty years, Fabien has contributed to various publications and  has also shot for leading architecture firms and takes on private projects.

    39. Tarang Goyal


    Website – Tarang Goyal Photography

    Instagram – Tarang Goyal Photography

    Bio – Tarang Goyal is a Delhi based spatial and architecture photographer with over four years of work experience. Over the past few years she has had the opportunity of working with multiple renowned interior designers, architects and hospitality brands. 

    Being a modern age young photographer, she pays attention to both aesthetic and technical aspects of photography.  She believes in exploring the sights, sound, textures, the innate beauty, and resilience of niche genres of photography – Interior and Architecture. She loves to scale up her limits of learning, exploring and experimenting with every new assignment she does, be it editorial, personal or a commercial shoot.

    40. Tejas Shah


    Website – Tejas Shah Photography

    Instagram – Tejas Shah Photography

    Bio – Tejas Shah Photography (TSP) is a professional photography organization that provides photography services in and around INDIA. Established in 1996, TSP is one of the oldest photography organizations in the Nation, with works recognized in more than 700 design magazines. 

    41. The Space Tracing Company – Ar. Karan Gajjar


    Website – The Space Tracing Company

    Instagram – The Space Tracing Company

    Bio – Karan is an architect-turned-architecture filmmaker and photographer. He believes any nature of built environment holds the whispers of its creators, the dance of light and shadow telling stories of life within its walls; and he seeks to capture a slice of it encapsulating the very essence. His artistry is a celebration of these narratives, a tribute to the symphony of spaces, forms and emotions that architecture embodies. With a strong presence in Western India, in particular, cities of Ahmedabad and Mumbai, he is committed to direct his skills and efforts to capture “genius-loci” of a place and not its glorified imagery.

    42. Turtle Arts – Shahul Shibili

    Turtle Arts

    Instagram – Turtlearts  Photography

    Bio – Turtle Arts is a documentation firm lead by Shahul Shibili, based in Kerala. Shahul’s journey into the realm of architectural photography and cinematography began during his internship with an esteemed architecture firm. It was here that he discovered his unique talent for translating the intricacies of architectural design into visual narratives. With an academic background in architecture, Shahul’s keen understanding of spatial composition and design principles set him apart. In 2017, this journey took a pivotal turn as he established his own creative studio, Turtle Arts. This venture was born out of his unwavering dedication to showcasing the harmonious relationship between architecture and nature.

    43. Umang Shah Photography – Umang Shah


    Website – Umang Shah Photography

    Instagram – Umang Shah Photography

    Bio – Umang Shah is currently one of the most trending names for architecture and interior photography in the Nation. And undoubtedly, his variety of works speak for himself through vivid expressions. Graduated from Symbiosis School of Photography, Umag worked on diversified genres from food, product, portraits to finding the niche in architecture photography.

    44. Sudhir Parmar


    Website – Sudhir Parmar Photography

    Instagram – Sudhir Parmar Photography

    Bio – Photographer Sudhir Parmar is actively involved in Architectural, Industrial, Food, Wedding photography & videography from Vadodara, India. He drives inspiration from Nature. Over the last two decades, Sudhir has contributed his work in many leading publications, websites & various collaterals. His philosophy being converting every assignment into a visual story. 

    45. Vinay Panjwani Photography – Vinay Panjwani


    Website – Vinay Panjwani

    Instagram- Vinay Panjwani

    Bio – After having a MBA degree in marketing and being a successful business man in the field of packaging and timber, he followed his calling very late in life, he became a full time photographer at the age of 42. He is currently enlisted with UNICEF as a photographer in India and works for various     prestigious organizations and ministries. He has done 6 solo shows and his works have been exhibited at Vitra Design Museum(Switzerland), Munech Germany, Shanghai power station of Art, National Gallery of Modern Art and Vienna Austria.

    46. Wabi-Sabi Studios – Janvi Thakkar


    Website – Wabi-Sabi Studios

    Instagram – Wabi-Sabi Studios

    Bio – Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese term, meaning “a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay peacefully.” With this concept in mind, Janvi Thakkar, owner of Wabi-Sabi Studios began her interest in architecture and design into an establishment of imagery documentation. 

    Janvi is a photographer and videographer based in Mumbai and specializes in interior and architecture documentation along with food and still life photography. 

    47. What We Click – Yash Katariya and Sagar Bondarde 


    Website – What We Click

    Instagram – What We Click

    Bio – Yash is a young dynamic photographer who is acknowledged for his attention to detail, skilful use of natural light, and eye for soothing compositions. Whether capturing a space for a designer or furniture and home products for a brand, he works closely with all of his clients to understand their unique design stories in bringing them to life through his lens.

    48. Yash Jain – Ar. Yash R Jain


    Website – Yash Jain

    Instagram – Yash Jain

    Bio – Creating these frames to highlight the grandness of the structure or vividness of space, is what Yash thrives for. Perspective, light, and shadow are important aspects for him. His photographs bring out the essence of the building or the too, deceiving the elegance and vastness along with its functionality and the materials used. 

    Yash understands these details and is enthusiastic about focusing on depicting this through his photographs. He is passionate about his work, as he senses the same with his fellow creative minds.

    49. Yamini Krishna


    Website – Yamini Krishna Photography

    Instagram – Yamini Krishna Photography

    Bio – Buildings of all types have always been a fascination for Yamini. When she started photographing them professionally in 2018, as a photographer she was finally able to turn her passion into profit. She is humbled to be regarded as a prominent and well-respected photographer. Also, she loves to travel for both personal and professional work, borders don’t exist. Always looking for monumental challenges, to build on the existing skills and experience.

    50. 148 South – Midhun Mathew & Milan Maliackal


    Website – 148 South

    Instagram – 148 South

    Bio – A space has many different characteristics, depth, scale, color, sciography, time, the play of light and shadow, textures, etc. Understanding and inculcating them in the images is what lays the foundation of his approach towards photography. Based in Pune, when he is commissioned to shoot a structure, he treats it as if the structure will be demolished right after the photoshoot and this is his only chance to document it for future generations. 

    Step Inside This House in Baroda Where Every Corner Is Filled With Plants | Foresight Associates

    Step inside this house in Baroda, where every corner is filled with plants, blending nature and architecture. We rarely encounter spaces designed and celebrated with mindful craftsmanship. Foresight Associates has crafted this dwelling of 3400 sq ft in Baroda, Gujarat. It is crafted with a deep sense of modernity and serene artistic elements.  Step Inside […]

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    This Comfortable Home Is A Testament To Minimalist Charm | The Crossboundaries

    This sophisticated and comfortable home is a testament to minimalist charm. It embraces a harmonious blend of sleek, functional, and comfortable living. Upon entering, a sense of calm envelops you as the minimalist aesthetic continues to unfold, with each room showcasing distinctive, unique features. This Comfortable Home Is A Testament To Minimalist Charm | The […]

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    15 Sustainable Interior Design Tips For Eco-Conscious Spaces

    Sustainable interior design implies the modern aspect of crafting spaces and understanding varying styles and trends. The need for eco-friendly design emerges from various challenges such as climate change, cluttered space, and losing touch with nature. Sustainable interior design follows the principles of green design, connecting the hues of earth and the texture of nature, […]

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    Home in Indore Has An Air of Elegant Simplicity | AS Design Atelier and KN Design Studio

    Perched on the gentle slope of County Walk’s lush landscape, the 5000 sqft home in Indore stands with an air of elegant simplicity, its sloping roof harmonizing with the natural contours of the land. At the forefront, a vibrant garden greets visitors with a colorful array of blossoms, a serene oasis contrasting against the structured […]

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    This Home in Delhi is a Structure That Stands Out From its Surroundings | Interactive Design Studio

    Situated in the town of Gujranwala, this home in Delhi is one such structure that stands out from its surroundings. This visceral instinct reflects in the exteriors defined by angular forms, an architectural expression that speaks volumes. Amidst the colour and chaos of the bustling street, the Corian facade embraces greys and whites. Thus, it […]

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    The Inclined Porotherm Block Jali Wall is an Entrance Portal | Mindworks Architecture

    The earth-hugging inclined porotherm block jali wall act as an entrance portal, unveiling their welcoming stance as one approaches this one-acre farmland. These Porotherm Block walls seamlessly transition into the primary roof structure, exuding its subtle form. The Inclined Porotherm Block Jali Wall is an Entrance Portal | Mindworks Architecture Design Concept Nestled amidst sprawling […]

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    This Renovation Project Revolves Around A 20-Year-Old Residence | Studio Detail

    The renovation project revolves around a 20-year-old residence situated in Koramangala, Bengaluru, within the urban fabric. This transformation goes beyond reshaping physical spaces; it’s a profound endeavour to create a home that seamlessly integrates with its inhabitants, whether through the warmth of sunlight, the soothing presence of the wind, the flash of water, or by […]

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    This Modern Villa Is On The Outskirts Of Surat Diamond City | Ck Architect & Interior Designer

    Nestled amidst the tranquil expanse of lush landscapes, this villa on the outskirts of Surat diamond city by CK Architects is a prime example of modern elegance and serene living. Designed for a family of three, this idyllic retreat is designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings while offering all the modern comforts. This […]

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    This 585 square yards villa Is The Client’s Second Home | Vinit Poonia Architects

    We call this villa holiday home as the client stays in Mumbai, and this is his second home. This project is a 585 sq yds. villa with a total of 6300 sq.ft area. This 585 square yards villa Is The Client’s Second Home | Vinit Poonia Architects As we enter, there is a huge lawn […]

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    The Elegant Interior Perfectly Balances Modern And Natural | Sterling Interiors

    Nestled within an urban landscape, the elegant interiors of Travertine House is the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and natural elements. The House showcases a seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor living, ingeniously incorporating overhangs, lights. The Elegant Interior Perfectly Balances Modern And Natural | Sterling Interiors Living Room This residence exhibits a refined beauty […]

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