• Hydroponic Gardening for Beginners: A Perfect Way to Start

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    Hydroponic gardening enables farmers and homeowners to grow food and flowers all year round. Whether experienced or beginner, you can build an affordable and easy hydroponic garden.

    Also, if you don’t have time to create your own garden, you can go for a ready-made hydroponic gardening system by Gardyn. Let’s keep reading to learn more, including how to create a simple hydroponic gardening system.

    Hydroponic Gardening Explained

    Hydroponic gardening involves raising crops without the soil. Crops require some basic components to grow, including:

    • Water
    • Light
    • Nutrients
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Oxygen
    • A material that holds the plant (a growing media)

    With traditional farming, the soil is the growing media. It holds oxygen, nutrients, and water for plant roots to absorb. But in hydroponic gardening, a nutrient solution and growing medium act as soil.

    While the growing medium supports plants, plant roots absorb food and water from the nutrient solution. Based on the hydroponic gardening system type, plants may obtain oxygen from the solution or air. Plants’ stems and leaves are usually exposed to collect enough carbon dioxide and light.

    Hydroponic gardening allows you to grow a variety of plants indoors, such as:

    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Greens
    • Blueberries
    • Strawberries
    • Small peppers
    • Herbs
    • Petunias and more.

    Why Do You Need a Hydroponic Gardening System?

    Hydroponic gardening offers multiple benefits compared to traditional farming. These benefits are:

    • A hydroponic gardening system requires less space in your home, from tight corners in a living room to kitchen windows.
    • With hydroponics farming, you can grow healthy food almost anywhere and at any time of the year.
    • Crops usually grow faster and provide higher yields, whether fruits or veggies.
    • There are minimal or no threats from pests or diseases that originate from the soil.
    • There’re no weeds to compete with plants for water, nutrients and oxygen.
    • A hydroponic system, especially a readymade one from providers like Gardyn, doesn’t require more water since most of it recirculates.

    Best Tips to Start Your Hydroponic Gardening System

    If you’re a farmer, you need a few important tips to help you navigate different processes to grow and harvest healthy food. Most beginner gardeners fail once and even twice since they start without considering expert tips. The following sections have crucial information you need to create your first hydroponic system.

    What You Need to Have

    From microgreens to tomatoes, each plant type needs a particular hydroponic setup. However, there’re some crucial factors to consider and features to have. They include the following;

    Tools/Equipment and Required Materials

    • Screwdriver, drill or rotary tool
    • Grow light
    • Water
    • Reservoir/basin/container for water/nutrient solution storage
    • Seeds or ready-to-grow plants
    • Hydroponics fertilising solution; either liquid or powder

    Optional Materials Based on the Hydroponics System

    • Drain tube and fill tube
    • Growing tray
    • Growing mediums such as rockwool, perlite, and coco coir
    • Cotton cords or Nylon
    • Styrofoam sheet

    Let’s Learn How to Create a Simple Hydroponics System

    The wick system is the most cost-effective and simplest hydroponic system. It doesn’t have electrical components or moving parts. However, it isn’t ideal for plants that require more water, like tomatoes or lettuce. This simple hydroponics system works perfectly for peppers, herbs and microgreens. Go through the following steps to create your simple hydroponic gardening:

    1. Set up a water reservoir: Use a basin or bucket as a reservoir. Fill it with a hydroponic nutrient solution (water + fertiliser).
    2. Connect wicks to your growing tray: Connect several wicks through holes drilled in the bottom of your grow tray.
    3. Set up your growing tray: Set up your growing media in the tray, with a seedling, above your reservoir.
    4. Set up a light fixture: You can set up your system in a space with natural light. Alternatively, you can set up a grow light fixture above your growing tray.

    How Can Gardyn Help You With Hydroponic Gardening?

    Gardyn provides any gardener, whether a beginner or an experienced with the opportunity to grow their own healthy food. Gardyn offers a smart garden that utilises patented Hydroponic technology that enables the highest produce density.

    With Gardyn’s indoor hydroponic system, you can grow fruits, herbs, flowers, greens, and vegetables. Go for a hydroponic gardening system by Gardyn to grow your own produce and put healthier, fresher and more nutritious food on your table!

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