Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Condominium

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If you are reading this article, let me begin by congratulating you on a wonderful new condominium! Many people who go for condominiums often do so because it is a great lifestyle choice. Staying in the city, close to the workplace and other amenities can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

As compared to staying in the open country, you do not have to worry about spending too much on maintenance or clearing the lawn, or other disadvantages as compared to having a condo.

In this article, we help first-time condo owners design the condominiums of their dreams. We take help from leading interior design experts and help you with the condo interior design process.

Why you should Invest in designing your Condominium?

A condo should be a reflection of your personality. It should be an extension of who you are as an individual and replicate your tastes and preferences.

In terms of artworks, wall colors, décor items, utensils, and more, a condominium can be your cozy place. All these come into play when it comes to hosting parties in your condo, and creating a good impression in front of your friends, families, and work colleagues.

Real estate agents state that the more you invest in your condo, the better will be the valuation of the home. After some time, if you plan to flip your condo, you will be getting a great price, which will be more on the higher side of the market.

List of 5 Things to keep in mind when Designing a Condominium

1. Pay attention to the Wall Colours

Most interior design experts suggest that the walls of a condo should be painted brightly. This is because most condos have low ceilings and lighter colors alleviate the sense of space. If you are looking to experiment, you can have two-tone shades of colors on the wall. For example, having a lighter shade of blue along with a darker blue.

2. Minimalism works best in Condo design

Space, space, and more space. If there is one thing condo owners’ crib about, it is about the sense of space. Having minimal furniture helps in having more space in the condo. This ensures you are not bumping into things and furniture and knocking some over in the process. Scandinavian themes work wonders in condos in 2021.

3. Big is not always Better

A condo is all about having smaller furniture. This means the size of the couch should be smaller, the bathtub should be restrained and the dining table should seat at best 4. If you have something too big inside your condo, it can immediately become an eyesore. You should remember that when it comes to condo furniture, big is not always better.

4. Pick one spot in the Condo and make it shine

As compared to bigger houses that can have different places like a garden or a backyard, which you can shine, in a condo, there might be just that one spot. If you are lucky, you might get an antique fireplace, or an open terrace, or a great kitchen spot. As a condo owner, you need to make that one place shine and transform it into a conversation starter.

5.Plan the Design Process over a period

While you may be forgiven for thinking that a condo does not require a lot of time, it is important to note that the same can become an overwhelming experience. Most design experts state that ideally, you should phase out the design work in your condo over a period. Maybe over three months. This will ensure that you do not end up exhausting the resources all at one go.

The Final Word

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are great places to look for design inspiration. However, it is important that while inspiration is something that you can start with, you should work with a specialized expert to get the condo done according to your design tastes and preferences.