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Modern Residence With Ethnic-Contemporary Interiors | Jihan Associates

Situated in Godhra this corner semi-rectangular plot was evolved into a beautiful three-storied bungalow for a family of six. This house is a classic combination of clean modern exteriors gelling with ethnic and contemporary interiors. The client wanted a home that is spacious, full of light, and one that balances beauty and functionality. The basic requirement included a living room, kitchen, dining area, pooja room, four bedrooms, family seating, and a home theatre. We translated the vision into more than an aesthetic motif; a finished home conveys integrity and authenticity.

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The exterior shell of the house is a well balanced composition of cubes and cuboids that are scooped out to articulate each spaces giving it a specific identity. The huge balconies overlooking the roads and garden area cuts down the rigidness of the facade and also becomes a medium of ample light and air ventilation inside the house. The material pellet of the exterior is a fusion of rough textured walls and flooring of monochromatic colours with the earthiness of wood.

Entrance Foyer

The welcoming foyer is guided by a customised wooden main door with metal inlay. The horizontal wooden strips and the leaf shaped metal door handle are engraved with warli design complimenting the contemporary foyer with a traditional feel.

The green coloured wallpaper gives a nice highlight to a light coloured flooring and the rough textured wall thus making the feel of the foyer more refreshing. The floor has been adorned with eclectic patterns that enhance the elegant feel in the entire foyer. The wooden console with engraved shutters, the backlit metal wall mural along metal screens have a touch of the warli design used on the main door.

Living Room

A sliding glass partition separates the living room from the foyer as well as provides visual connectivity. The linear wooden ceiling reflects the warli engraving following the overall concept of the house. The egg-shaped center table with vibrant sofas add the modern zest to the whole ethnic feel and lifts up the subtle look of the walls and flooring.

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen and dining area are designed as an uninterrupted interactive space of single volume. The large windows and double doors creates an intimate relationship between indoors and outdoors adding ample light and helping the interior achieve its true purpose of feeling energised and comfortable also the colour pellet for kitchen is the inspiration from nature’s brown,white and green.


General description-

All the bedrooms were designed keeping the age factor and needs of each user group as the first priority. Every bedroom reflects sophisticated luxury, that encourages a warm and cozy feel.

Parents Bedroom

This bedroom is designed by incorporating the ethnic touch to the room yet keeping the look simple and subtle by balancing it with the colour palette. The sliding shutters of the wardrobe and the back panel of the bed has intricate engraving work on it. The madhubani paintings on the wall along with the colour factor added by the cushions complete the whole room giving it a serene aura.

Bright and refreshing – just the right ingredients for a bathroom. Designed with off-white and wooden tiles and painted with lively green colour, everything in this bathroom enhances the simplicity. The indirect lighting highlights the whole look making it spacious and sophisticated.

Master Bedroom

This bedroom opens up to a huge balcony and is drenched in natural light the whole day. The usage of wood and metal in a chevron pattern on the backrest, ceiling, and doors led richness and warmth to space. Against the deep tones, light flooring and off-white painted walls, the vivid red of the upholstery of chairs and bench pops out. The artificial light adds a transient element to the design as the hour on the clock tick and adds a touch of drama.

This black and brown toned bathroom with attached dressing area radiates luxury and class.The material pellet creates a tranquil and warm vibe. The crisp scheme creates a mesmerising interior in this bathroom; white tint on the walls ensures that the space is bright and well- lit throughout the day.

Daughter’s Bedroom

This bedroom of client’s daughter is cocooned in classic white punctuated with tints of pink. Keeping the furnishing simple and feasible, the eye popping rugs and sofa brings in the whimsy to the bedroom. The light grey vinyl flooring highlights every aspect of the room . Every inch of the room is enveloped in a way to give soothing and open feel.

The bathroom is washed in a bright blue colour contradicting the colour pallet of the bedroom to add quirk in the bathroom. The graphic wardrobe shutters and highlighters in the bath area add movement to the overall design.

Home Theatre

The top floor is housed with a 400sqft home theatre. The projector screen occupies the veneer cladding wall While relaxing loungers and the bean bags seeded for the perfect movie night. With the soft carpet flooring, acoustic ceiling, and appropriate lighting, the home theatre becomes the favourite binge zone for the Patels.

Family sitting

In keeping with the emphasis on the privacy in this home, the family sitting is located on the first floor. Muted colours, subtle textures and rich wood grains wrap the whole family sitting in warmth and softness. The minimalistic art products bring the ethnic feel to the contemporary room.


Designed byJihan Associates

Design Team: Minesh Shah, Kamlesh Mistry, Ar. Ashna Mistry, Shweta Shinde, Kaushik Joshi, Devang Darbar

Project Type: Residential Bungalow

Project Name: KAIVALAM

Location: Godhra, Gujarat

Year built: 2019

Size: sq feet: 3300 sq ft

Principal Designer: Minesh Shah

Photograph courtesy: Tejas Shah




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