Tips on Choosing the Right Freestanding Bath

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Freestanding baths bring the feeling of a peaceful spa into the comfort of your home. They are both stylish and modern, an upgrade that almost every bathroom could use. Although they have come in a variety of models, these baths are unique in that they are self-contained and independent from all other bathroom elements. 

The numerous varieties of these baths could get confusing due to the many different building materials, designs, and finishes. Rest easy, choosing the right bath doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Below are a few tips that you should consider before making a purchase:


The space of your bathroom is the primary determinant when it comes to a freestanding bath. Small bathrooms are not the best for these baths, but some designs allow you to install them in small bathrooms. If your space is tight, you could consider installing a D-shaped design or just have one side of the bath touch the wall.

When choosing a freestanding bathtub, do not just calculate the space it will take. It is necessary to account for the space taken up by plumbing. Also, look at the bathroom door space to ensure the size you choose can be made through the door. Also depending on the material used, a freestanding bath could be quite heavy so it is recommended to reinforce the supporting floor.  


Once you have solved the space issue, the next important thing to factor in is design. This is the most exciting part since you get a chance to show your personality and home decor skills. The market today has a variety of designs that range from traditional to minimal and luxurious. Remember that your freestanding bath will be the focal point of your bathroom. Dictate the room’s aesthetic by picking something that will blend in with your bathroom or pop and stand out from everything else. It all comes down to your preference. 

Some of the trending designs that incorporate a freestanding bath are:

  • Classic. To achieve a classic feel, you could consider going for enamel or cast-iron material with a double-ended design. This can be paired up with traditional wall hangings and a wooden floor finish.
  • Contemporary. Should you decide to go for a contemporary look and feel, pick a minimalist design that consists of oval or circular shapes with thin edges making it modern and chic.
  • Vibrant. If you’re all about the color and lively feel, go for floral designs with patterned edges. In case your walls and bathroom are already floral or have a specific pattern, pick a bright single-colored freestanding bath to unify the colors.


A freestanding bath’s material can affect the durability, price, weight, heat-retaining, and even effort required to maintain it. Some of the commonly used materials are:

  • Acrylic. They are light, durable, versatile, and the most budget-friendly among the various materials available. However, they require a lot of care since they easily scratch.
  • Steel. They are also relatively light compared to cast-iron, durable and affordable. However, steel is a good conductor, so it heats and cools fast. It however chips quite easily.
  • Cast-iron. This material brings out the traditional look perfectly. It is also durable and resistant to scratching and chipping. Although it heats slowly, it retains the heat longer than most available options. On the negative side, cast-iron is quite heavy and can be costly to install due to the support reinforcement required.

Choosing the Right Taps

After selecting your desired tub it’s time to pick a complementing tap. The two choices available are floor-mounted bath taps or wall-mounted taps. Wall-mounted taps will cost more as they are installed through the bathroom wall. This will require more work around your plumbing. Floor-mounted taps on the other hand are installed either to the side of your bath or directly from the floor making them a cost effective option. 

The final piece in choosing your tap is the style and finish. Taps come in a variety of styles ranging from modern to traditional. The finish is also an important factor to consider. Silver and nickel are expensive finishes, with chrome being the most affordable.

These tips should guide you in ensuring you make the best decision when purchasing your ideal bath solution. Finally, remember that it all comes down to comfort and visual appeal. As stated, the bath will be the focal point of your bathroom so pick a piece you can look at for years to come. Also ensure whichever freestanding bath you choose allows you to enjoy your bath times every single day.