• Tips for designing a low-maintenance commercial property

    All of us like to spend time and work in a space that is well-designed and welcoming. Be it a workspace, or other commercial properties, we like to stay at a place that imparts a positive vibe. A well-designed workspace will enhance our work efficiency, concentration, and work satisfaction.

    A well-designed and maintained commercial property will give out a warm and positive vibe which, in turn, has a positive impact on the mindset of the employees or the customers. But recently, most commercial properties have been designed in such a way that the property doesn’t require huge maintenance frequently.  

    Designing a low-maintenance commercial property is an important consideration for property owners and developers. It can save time and money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent repairs and upkeep. Additionally, it can improve the overall appearance and functionality of the property.

    So, delve into this article to explore some tips for designing a low-maintenance commercial property.

    Incorporate strategies to maximize natural light in the design

    `One of the most decisive factors that help in creating a positive and productive mindset is the exposure to natural light. Whether it is customers or employees, no one will want to enter a dark building. Therefore, while designing, you need to make sure that your commercial property is open to natural light. You need to structure and plan the interiors of the building in such a way that your office space is open to maximum natural light.

    Here are a few tips to maximize the availability of natural lights:

    • Use glass walls
    • Remove the blinds and shades
    • Remove unnecessary interior walls
    • Switch to a bench and desk instead of a workstation.

    Thus, by allowing more lights to come inside the office, you will keep the employees or customers motivated, comfortable, and happy. Also, you will be able to cut down the use of artificial lights, which will, in turn, help you to cut down your electricity bills.

    Take into account the shape of the property

    The shape and size of a building are very relevant in determining the strength of the building, cost of construction, and maintenance charge. The shape and size of a building will let you understand the space available for work. The larger the size and complex the shape of the building, the cost of construction will be high.

     So finding a more economical design will increase the office space and decrease the construction charge. This will, in turn, decrease the annual maintenance charge.

    Use low-maintenance landscaping

    Choose plants that require little watering, fertilization, and pruning. Native plants and drought-tolerant species are good choices, as they are adapted to the local climate and require less maintenance. Incorporate landscaping features such as gravel or mulch beds, pavers, and retaining walls, which require little maintenance. This will keep your property in good shape, add visual interest to your property, and will also promote sustainability.

    Design Multi-purpose spaces

    Multi-purpose spaces are an excellent way to expand the functionality of commercial property alongside reducing maintenance costs. Here are a few tips that you can use while designing such spaces:

    • Instead of planning a stand-alone building or residential/rental buildings, building mixed-use buildings can be a smart alternative to use property and materials efficiently. This is an excellent way to utilize the wasted space in your property. 
    • Incorporating ample storage solutions can help keep a multi-purpose space organized and reduce clutter, which can make maintenance tasks easier. Consider built-in storage units, shelving, and cabinets that can hide equipment and supplies when not in use.

    Remove the Dead Spaces

    While designing an office or other commercial property, there is a possibility that the owners focus more on superficial details rather than looking at utility and functionality. For instance, if you look at the structure of any office building, you may find many cubicles, a break room, and many smaller rooms. But are these divisions really necessary? Are these spaces needed in the office? Most probably, these spaces are redundant.

    So, while designing your commercial building, try to identify these ‘dead spaces’ and design the building smartly and practically. This will increase the office space and increase savings.

    Install energy-efficient systems

    When designing a low-maintenance property, installing energy-efficient systems is very important. Here are some tips for incorporating energy-efficient systems into a commercial property design:

    • Use energy-efficient lighting, such as LED or CFL bulbs.
    • Install sensors and timers to turn off lights when not needed.
    • Install energy-efficient HVAC systems that consume less energy.
    • Install low-flow toilets to reduce water usage.
    • Incorporate renewable energy systems, like solar panels or wind turbines.

    When choosing designs, you need to go for architectural designs that can attract customers to your building. But, at the same time, following these tips to design a low-maintenance and cost-effective plan for your commercial property can be helpful.

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