• Timber Frame Construction – What Do You Need to Know?

    Timber frame construction is rising in popularity in the UK, and the market is forecast to grow further by 2026. Timber frame construction is a great option for many construction projects, including social housing, student accommodation, and family homes and is also an attractive option for people looking to build their own homes. In this article, we’ll explain what timber frame construction is and the pros and cons of this method.

    What is timber frame construction?

    Timber frame housing is not new, having been around for many centuries, however, modern timber frame construction uses up-to-date building methods and high-quality treated timber to ensure that the finished building meets the required standards for quality housing.

    Unlike brick homes, with timber frame buildings, construction can be started off-site, which can make it a quicker process and reduce the amount of time needed on site. The entire building, from the walls, floors and roof is designed as a whole structure and timber studs are used in the external wall structure to carry loads and transmit them to the building’s foundations.

    What are the pros of timber frame construction?

    There are several advantages to timber frame construction.

    More eco friendly

    Builds can be more environmentally friendly when using timber frame construction because the timber can be responsibly sourced and there is typically less waste. It also requires less energy to produce than many other building materials, such as concrete or steel, reducing carbon emissions.


    It’s quicker to build with a timber frame because much of the initial work can take place off-site. This makes it an ideal option for projects with a quick turnaround time.

    Timber frames are lighter

    As timber frames are lighter, they require less expensive and complex foundations, saving time and money.

    No weather hold-ups

    Timber frames can be erected no matter what the weather, meaning construction needn’t be held up because of bad weather.

    What are the cons of timber frame construction?

    Like anything, timber frame construction does have its drawbacks.

    Initial expense

    Compared to block and brick construction, timber frame construction will cost more per square metre for materials, however, this doesn’t account for the significant savings that can be made as a result of the accelerated construction process, bringing down the overall project cost.

    Crane requirement

    Some timber frame panels are heavier than others and these might require craning into place, which complicates site access requirements and can add to the total project costs.

    Need for insulation

    Timber is more prone to heat fluctuations so timber frame homes need to be well insulated and should be fitted with economical, eco-friendly heating methods to counter this.

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