• Three Inexpensive Ways to Get Your House Market-Ready

    Getting your house ready to sell can be tricky and nearly always involves some risk calculus. 

    You don’t want to pour money into home improvement projects that you won’t be sticking around to enjoy. At the same time, you want your house to excite viewers into offering you top-dollar. 

    If you can’t decide on a design route that meets your needs as a seller, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some creative insight into the various market- and budget-friendly options out there. 

    1. Sell to a Real Estate Investment Company Instead

    There are several reasons why you might prefer to put no money into fixing up your house before selling — or, in other words, fully lean into the “do-nothing” route. 

    Would you classify your house as a bit of a “fixer-upper”? Do you need to sell fast with the smallest window possible between the offer and the closing? Are you strapped for cash and lacking any money to put into projects you think your house needs? 

    These are all realistic questions that thousands of homeowners looking to sell their homes grapple with every day. 

    Luckily, there are real estate investment companies out there that will jump at the opportunity to take that pricey fixer-upper off your over-extended hands. 

    How it works is this: they cut out the need for all those costly middlemen, such as appraisers, inspectors, listing agents, etc. Then, they offer you a cash price for your home and the opportunity to close in as little time as legally possible. 

    Essentially, if the central plight running through your mind is “how do I sell my house fast Tacoma?”, a real estate investment company might be an excellent option for you. 

    There’s no need for you to worry about renovations, as it doesn’t matter to these companies if your home needs repairs or upgrades. They’ll offer you cash for it all the same. 

    While this is new territory for many homeowners, it’s the easiest and cheapest option out there. 

    2. Showcase the Space with Low-Cost Changes

    If you still want to go the traditional route of seeing how your home fares on the housing market, there are plenty of ways to boost offers without shelling out your whole bank account. 

    For starters, intense decluttering can work wonders. After all, who can admire the potential in your house if they can’t see it through the knick-knacks and old trophies? Although personal touches make a house a home, you want potential buyers to see themselves living there, not you.

    Some fresh coats of paint are also a surefire way to add value for very little money. Try to go with bright and airy colours to make the rooms feel more spacious and flooded with natural light. 

    Finally, try your hand at some budget-friendly landscaping to boost curb appeal. Pretty green spaces tend to pull at the heartstrings, conjuring images of family barbecues with kids and pets running in the yard. The more viewers can envision a future, the more aggressive their offer will likely be. 

    3. Be Choosy About Your Fixes

    Pick one room to renovate instead of trying to tackle it all. Maybe you change out the carpet for hardwood, or perhaps some new kitchen countertops are in order. Taking on one project likely won’t break the bank but will add value. 

    Just remember that adage — don’t design for yourself.

    While buyers love up-to-date looks, they don’t necessarily want something overly trendy. If you personalise the renovation too much, you might turn it into something they don’t want to keep….and, therefore, don’t want to buy. 

    In the world of real estate, uniqueness doesn’t always sell. So keep it simple and classic if you want your renovation budget to be well-spent. 


    Selling your house doesn’t have to require a bunch of money upfront. With little to no money spent, you can still turn your home into a space that buyers are bound to love.

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