The best way of maintaining old trees beautifully

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The large and old tree comes as a treasure that demands preservation and value. When you take care of your mature trees, they will cut down on your utility bills and provide you with substantial shading. Apart from being an incredible source of oxygen, it also cuts down on pollution. It will increase the value of your residence by at least 10%. From absorbing traffic noise to reducing air pollution, trees have multiple utility filters; an amateur tree in your yard is a treasure. Hence, you must take care of the old trees and manage them beautifully as part of your duty. For this, you require the help of professional agents who have considerable know-how of maintenance.

Protect the bark

Professionals often use string trimmers and lawnmowers for taking care of damaged barks and outgrown branches. If you want to conserve your yard from any mishap, try creating a buffer around the mature tree. It will help in avoiding an accident.

Spread mulch

By spreading a layer of mulch on the sides of the trunk, you will take care of your tree. It helps in insulating the soil. Moreover, it improves soil fertility and discourages disease. Try to keep a distance of three to four inches from the tree bark, which will do the job. Try to cover a wider area with the help of the mulch, and that will give you a better outcome. You may take professional help for this. Try getting a list of common tree service options from online media. You can do thorough research before hiring someone. They are an economical option that is widely available in the market.

Stay away from the roots

If the soil beneath the tree is tightly packed, it hampers the absorption of air and water. For avoiding this compression, try discouraging root traffic. Keep the branches on an optimum length so that it does not hamper the path. You will notice the professionals using professional equipment and other tools for going about this process. They will advise you to stay away from the roots to not add to the load on the soil.

Stop using the tree for hanging things

People love to use tree branches for tying a rope with a suspended branch. It is the favorite playtime for toddlers. However, do you know that it hampers the protective bark and damages vital tissues? Yes, it will kill the branch and add extra weight to the tree. All it does is damage the tree structure. Do not make any hole in the tree bark or screw it up. It will only hamper the health of your tree.

Abstain from continuous watering

It would help if you consistently watered the tree when it is dry. Mature trees do not require a constant source of moisture. Try to water the tree at regular intervals, and that will take care of photosynthesis.

On the other hand, when it is rainy and snowy, abstain from watering it. Extra moisture interferes with the vital tissues and hampers growth. When you are watering the tree, concentrate on the root zone.

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