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Three Design Ideas That Make a Great Coworking Space


What makes a great coworking space? Each person probably has their opinion. But it’s undeniable that well-designed coworking spaces can offer better experiences for their members. Not just in terms of productivity but also in providing spaces to collaborate and generate new ideas.

So, what type of design ideas make a coworking space a great place to work in? Well, here are some design considerations that most coworking spaces should try to meet – and maybe you can copy some of these for your home office arrangement.

Private nooks and communal spaces

Coworking spaces are almost always arranged in an open-office setting. From sprawling sofas to bar chairs, these are not uncommon sights to find in a coworking space. These arrangements are intended to create a relaxed atmosphere where one can easily sit down and exchange ideas with fellow team members or even meet with a client.

However, great coworking spaces know that sometimes, their members need to sit down and be uninterrupted while their fingers danced across a laptop’s keyboard. There may also be a time when a private conversation needs to be held by phone. People may also need to hold a semi-private discussion. 

This is where private nooks play their roles – though they can be seen by other members, people who require a greater degree of privacy can take advantage of them. The best way to incorporate this in a coworking space is by adding walls or enclosures to give a more secluded vibe for areas designated for these situations.

Ergonomically designed arrangements

If a coworking space advertises 24/7 access as one of its selling points, they may be better off ensuring that members can actually withstand staying in their spot for long periods of time. One way to do this is by ascertaining that the interior and architectural designs in a coworking space are not just pretty to look at but also designed for the users’ well-being.

There are many ways to design a healthy space for your members. For example, you can set up desks that are appropriately set to not create a strain or use chairs that promote better spinal health. Also, don’t forget that proper lighting and temperature is also part of ergonomic design. 

Besides tailoring ergonomic spaces for your members, consider proper checking and maintenance of objects that have a risk of causing injury. Imagine if a hanging chair is improperly maintained, causing it to drop down when a member sits. Or a bar stool with uneven legs distribution, which may lead a person to fall from it just because they’re swaying in place. It is crucial to pay attention to how you choose to design a coworking space so it does not prove hazardous for your members.

Decorating with plants

Most of your members will spend hours working inside, toiling away for the sake of their business. As a result, they won’t have much opportunity to walk outside to refresh their minds by taking in views from natural landscapes. Sure, public parks exist, but if your coworking space is positioned in the middle of the CBD, your members are more likely to encounter concrete jungles than a hectare of woodland.

You can, however, provide green scenery for your members. Consider incorporating plants in your coworking architecture. How you go about it is up to you. In LaunchPad Create, for example, we have an indoor forest. Jeremy Ellis, Cofounder and Chief Innovator at LaunchPad believes that, “Having a green space inside a working area can help our community refresh their minds, especially when they feel stuck in a rut.” Carving out a special space for vines to curl and trees to grow is not the only way you can decorate with plants, however. You can also put indoor plants around your coworking space to create an eco-friendly atmosphere. Be sure to experiment with sizes and types so your coworking space would look more alive.

When it comes to designing a great coworking space, plan with your members in mind. How do you want them to navigate the spaces and interact with the objects in your coworking location? The right way to determine this is through learning more about what value you want to create for your members. In the end, more than anything, the value you create for your members is the legacy your coworking space will be known for.

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