• This Vernacular Style Home Transports You to a Vintage Countryside | Archaic Design Studio

    In an otherwise modern setting, ‘Champakunj’ follows a path of vernacular style in the most honest and authentic way.

    Right in the middle of the city’s chaos sits a residence connecting us to nature’s calmness and serenity. The space reminds us of the characteristics of vernacular style and architecture, specifically the houses in Kerala

    Editor’s Note: The vernacular elements of “Champakunj” in Ahmedabad take one on a road trip down the southern state of Kerala. Timber and earthy tones predominate the interiors, from the wooden-carved pillars to the rattan-backed jhoola. Vintage textures and fabric decoration add a touch of vintage luxury to a clean, minimalist approach. – Gopika Pramod

    This Vernacular Style Home Transports You to a Vintage Countryside | Archaic Design Studio

    This residence in Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad is for individual houses. Each house firstly reflects the traditional vernacular style of architecture. The planning of the society allows each house to face the huge common garden located in the center. The compound wall’s low height allows the garden’s visibility to the people residing in their homes. Interestingly, this also lets each bungalow highlight its identity, making it unique from one another.

    The design brief

    The Champakunj residence, a unique project designed by Archaic Design Studio formerly took every measurement to understand their client. A brief inspired by South Indian interior design, included the use of materials, colour palettes and space-making.

    Thus, as we enter the premises, we see a restful space created with elements like a swing made of solid wood accompanied by loose sitting. An Indian-style wall art merging thoroughly with Bharat tile and Kota stone flooring making the patio one of the prominent features of the home making it serene. 

    This leads us to the main entrance where the porch with the sloping roof is built from metal and wood. It indeed pairs well with Kota and sandstone flooring and round metal columns. Hanging lights made from cane creates an inviting entrance to the inside.

    Living area

    Further, the interior spaces are spacious and give us the feeling of vastness and the sensitive use of the elements. The living room is the space that connects to the dining room followed by the kitchen and with the outer private garden.

    Likewise, the use of large window openings in the living room opens to the garden, letting the landscape to seep into the room.

    Yellow Jaisalmer stone and Bharat tiles defines the space. Also, wooden console table and a beige upholstered sofa combines the setting.

    Additionally, the Rasleela painting by an award-winning artist bought from the Jaipur Palace, irradiates the space.

    Dining area and kitchen

    The double-height dining area is activated as the central space of the house. The black Indian stone top with the wooden legs of the table paired with the cane and wooden chairs appeals to the overall aesthetic of the space. The dining area faces the beautiful courtyard with a circular water body and plantations. The separation of the kitchen is created by the breakfast table which defines the activities while also adding openness to the space.

    This open kitchen is designed with a Quartz stone platform and the off-white tile on the wall creates an informativity in the area, the use of wood, veneer and brown fluted glass profile enhancing the space further. Right adjacent to the kitchen is the Puja room, an integral space of any Indian household.

    This space is defined by the wooden framed door frame with fluted glass which opens from the center making it spacious. The wooden carved jharokha and pyramid-shaped wooden false ceiling are the evidently prominent design features that try to captivate the sacred feeling.

    Parent’s bedroom

    The ground floor of the house also accommodates the client’s parent’s bedroom. An elegant, wooden, and yellow stone staircase through the courtyard with a black metal railing leads us to the first floor through the passage overlooking the dining area and connecting the three rooms upstairs.

    Master bedroom

    The master bedroom was one of the most challenging spaces to design where the use of colours was minimal, and the overall appeal was simple. The leather headboard of the teakwood postal bed with a mix of cheddar on the leg side justifies the space.

    The grey wooden flooring perfectly blends with the smoke-grey hanging lights and indoor plants making the modest yet spacious. The room is attached to the balcony which is separated by a delicate wooden frame and hand-painted curtains merging the two spaces.

    Kid’s bedroom

    The most playful area in the house is the kids’ rooms. The use of a bunk bed made from oak wood makes the space look lighter and stimulating.

    The use of pastel green color in the furniture as well as for the geometric patterns on the walls makes the space look radiant. The use of wooden flooring makes the play area for the children softer compared to stone.

    The overall composition and design elements teleport us to the houses of Kerala and give us a peaceful place to live. The hues and tones of the house are what bind the spaces together and give the notion of free-flowing and organized spaces.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Archaic Design Studio

    Project Type: Residential Interior Design

    Project Name: Champakunj

    Location: Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad

    Year Built: 2023

    Duration of project: 12 Months

    Plot Area: 4050 Sq.ft

    Built up: 3050 Sq.ft

    Project Size: 3000 Sq.ft

    Project Cost: 1.3 Crore

    Principal Designer: Kalpesh Mewada

    Team Design Credits: Priyanka Vyas, Raj Gajjar, Naman & Drashti

    Photograph Courtesy: Rockbrand Inc

    Products/Materials/Vendors: Lighting –  COB Lights / Sanitaryware-  Jaquar / Windows- Wooden Furniture- Tectona Grandis / Flooring- yellow jaisalmer and Bharat flooring / Kitchen- Qiris kitchens / Paint – Asian Paint / Artefacts- Amazon and local / Hardware- Hettich

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Archaic Design Studio

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