This Lavish Home in Vadodara is a Vibrant Phenomenon | Design Studio Associates

Designed to express and impress, this lavish home in Vadodara is a vibrant phenomenon delivered by Architect Ruchir Sheth of Design Studios.

“We have played with the concepts of luxury and grandeur while designing this home. We have used a very rich colour palette, experimented with prints, patterns and textures, and at the same time, made sure that functionality is not compromised,” says Ar. Ruchir Sheth.

This Lavish Home in Vadodara is a Vibrant Phenomenon | Design Studio Associates

home in Vadodara


The foyer adorns with colorful artwork and elegant embellishments. This sets the tone for the design that follows in the rest of the house.

home in Vadodara

Living Room

From exquisite prints to bold desings, every element contributes in giving this open planned living room a look of opulence.

home in Vadodara

The use of chandeliers to decorate, provide ambient lighting and clearly separate areas in the living room is truly notable. A play with contrasting elements – be it the paisley upholstery of the armchairs and the brown leather sofas, or the pichwai printed wallpaper with the steel-gray of the console table – brings the design to life.

The abstract carving on the wooden slat wall of the TV teams up sportingly with the striking chest on its left. The centre table and the coffee table are modest in an off-white color with golden trimmings that both matches and contrasts with the theme.

home in Vadodara

Dining Room

This formal dining area with royal blue and paisley clad upholstery and Italian marble table is a piece of art. The mirrored wall behind the table gives an illusion of more space while also adding a tint of gold.


The kitchen has fluted-glass moveable partitions that ensure privacy while entertaining guests. The interior of the kitchen, much like the golden framework of the partitions, is a continuation of design palette from the living room with steel-gray modular cabinets and the design of the wooden slat wall of the TV borrowed in the base of the kitchen island.

home in Vadodara

home in Vadodara


A textured wall moulding in dark gray pairs wonderfully with the soft creams and bold reds in this bedroom’s colour scheme. The two-poster bed is a mixture of modern and traditional.

home in Vadodara

A flock of white-pigeons with twigs – symbolic for fertility, prosperity, fortune and harmony – embellishes the TV wall.

The blue-gray vertical wall paneling is offset with a crisp rust orange moulding that is carried over on the opposite wall. The headboard, the closet and the recess in the false ceiling have a tranquil designed upholstery that incorporates the blue-gray and the orange spatially to give the design a homogenous look.

The complete set of chandelier with its two mini chandeliers acting as pendant light over the bedside tables, in particular, accord the room with a regal look.

The parents’ bedroom is adorned with beautiful black graphite marble that is marries beautifully with the blue-gray paneling and the rust-orange wall moulding.

Like in the other bedrooms, the closet and the headboard of the bed share the same floral upholstery. The scone lamp above the bedside table portray a classic style.

The guest bedroom has a grid wall paneling in royal blue, which acts as a highlight element. The rest of the design boasts of muted creams and soft floral designs. The half canopy poster bed complements the wardrobe opposite to it with matching upholstery.

“The most important aspect was to integrate the bold design elements with softer ones. Creating a harmonious, homogenous design by using very contrasting patterns, designs and colors is truly a mastered art,” ID Krupal Sheth concludes.

Fact File

Designed by: Design Studio Associates

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Courtyard Trilogy

Location: Vadodara

Year Built: 2024

Duration of the project: 2 Months

Project Size: 1657 Sq.ft

Principal Architects: Ar. Ruchir Sheth

Design Credits: Krupal Sheth

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes – duco paints , polish / Lighting – Aerglo Lightingand geo liting Doors and Partitions – flush doors / Sanitaryware – kohler brand / Windows – upvc / Flooring – nexion brand / Paint – ROYAL ASIAN PAINTS / Artefacts – The address (ahmedabad) and Elephant jodhpur Wallpaper – sabyasachi wallpaper

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