This 3BHK Apartment with Exquisite Materials And Paramount Craftsmanship | The Design Code

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This 3BHK Apartment with Exquisite Materials And Paramount Craftsmanship | The Design Code

This 3BHK apartment is one of its kind projects with immense material exploration and extreme craftsmanship demanding discrete site monitoring. This abode is a curation by the firm- The Design Code, Mumbai for a family of four. The client demanded a residence with no commonly used materials such as veneer or wood but an eloquent use of explorative and expressive colors and materials without much refrains in the budget.

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The entrance door itself speaks of its users with a robust PU coated paneling in turquoise that terminates at the ceiling; containing a brass Jalli door. The living room is vast and spacious putting forth the first impression of its artistic character; immediately imparting a feel of luxury and glamour.

It uses a relishing concept of muted and greyish backdrop brightened up with lively color elements- turquoise for Decota sofa and captivating red for the glass chandelier. Openable hemispherical tea-poi centers the arrangement with its geometrical floor rug. An exquisite Statuario marble is chosen for the floor, against a plain white ceiling, for its posh characteristics. The longer wall gets cladded in a black marble exemplifying the arena with its peculiar richness.

The TV wall imparted a challenge in itself with the clients wanting to leave it without the console. Hence, it gets backed by a sensor panel with all service units concealed within it. This was achieved on a frosted single glass sheet further patterned with black back paint, to also camouflage the TV.

The two core spaces- the living and the dining, efficiently demarcate their territories with a peculiar design approach. The niche for the dining is an art in itself with its adorable flair, craftsmanship, and the way the materials are juxtaposed. A rectangular table is embraced with its brass finishes and a marble tabletop detailed with a crystal belt.

A full-height laser-cut Corian Jalli, backed by an antique mirror is a marvel in craftsmanship and luxury. These Jalis are even openable for convenience. This symphony is further backed by a royal blue fabric against the wall, embroidered in-situ with golden threads- gesturing the amount of attention given to the details in attaining the overall perfection.

An open kitchen acts as a plug-in to this space. It is dynamically designed with the Kalinga stoned platform molding itself to terminate onto the floor. It talks of its continuity with a peripheral Kalinga band taking onto the Statuario wall cladding. The glossy surfaces are chosen with a gist of reds to nullify the blandness of this neatly designed space. The red gets repeated for the dado wall with gray and white leaving see-through niches to keep the lady connected to the activities in the passage. 

The passage to the bedrooms uses Statuario for the floor and wall cladding to complement the mirrored patterns. A multicolored hanging light illuminates this passage- terminating with a Sichis Mosaic aqua artwork and 3D turquoise bedroom doors.

The master bedroom is a lavish space with red velvet laden bed taking away all the attention. The red was chosen concerning the client’s demand for it. The bedside tables take white Corian, detailed with brass strips. These strips extend to the cupboards working to complement the laminated black sheets- laser cut to fit in the brass; thus, accomplishing a tedious task. A back-lit brass wall piece further imbibes its artistry to an otherwise plain wall.

The designers have creatively used the leftover Statuario and black marble pieces to create a floor pattern for the balcony. Again, PVC wooden strips get used in the ceiling for easy maintenance.

A great deal of artwork is reflected in the master bathroom with its Italian marble cladded walls and floor. Its natural texture flatters the extraordinary mosaic artwork done on the rear wall using the renowned Sichis Mosaic Tiles.

The children’s bedroom is sober and calming with textured walls and white Corian For bed and Cupboards. The design is neat with articulative lines adding a zippy vibe. A royal blue is introduced for the Niches to add vividness to the room.

A unique concept has been chosen for each of the bathrooms. The children’s bathroom takes up a tedious task of arranging 3mm red mosaics to fluently articulate the surfaces, attaining a singular looking output. The common bathroom majorly uses black marble for the floor, niches, and walls. The wall is further surfaced with a leather finish to enrich the feel of the space. Moreover, this leather finished marble is laser cut in a designed shape to frame the mirror.

The guest bedroom is designed to multifunction with a Murphy bed which merges with the wall to leave behind a blank floor. The rear wall is surfaced with PVC wooden strips with a transparent glass shelf to showcase art pieces. Sheebu sheets are used for the cupboards giving it an interesting surface.

This project is symbolic of extraordinary craftmanship, work ethics, and on-site management. Thus, it sets a great example in delivering the client what they had exactly dreamt of.


Firm: The Design Code

Project Type: Residential Apartment

Location: Tardeo, Mumbai

Year: 2019

Principal Architect: Prashant Jain And Pareen Kariya

Area: 1650Sq.ft Carpet

Photography: Akkil Suvarna-Voila Studioz

Text Credit: Megha Hirani




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