Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Central AC

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The Size

The size of an air condition unit actually pertains to its cooling capability. You may know that the size is measured in btu/hr or British thermal units per hour. So, to put this into perspective, an air condition unit that is sized at 12,000 btu/hr means that it provides one ton of cooling. If you want to learn more about how to size your AC to your room or home, be sure to visit the Energy Star site

The Efficiency

Next, efficiency basically refers to how well the AC unit runs and provides cooling according to each single watt. The efficiency rating of an air condition unit is known as the SEER rating which is the seasonal energy efficiency rating. In these modern times, air condition units need to have a minimum of a 14 SEER rating for split systems. It is best best select a central AC that has a SEER rating of 15+. It is important to note that the higher up the SEER rating, the less electricity the AC will use which will result in a lower electricity bill. 

Proper Maintenance

You should select a servicing plan where you AC would be inspected on a regular basis. This plan should also include labor warranty as well as discounts when it comes to repairs. The cost of these type of plans do vary quite a lot and you should negotiate. 

Thermostats That Are Programmable

By having a programmable thermostat, you can actually potentially reduce your cost to cool your home by as much as 10%. Once you add a ceiling or even a box fan, this can help even further by reducing the temperature in your home by a couple degrees with very little cost to you. 

Upgrade Current System

When it comes to upgrading your system, you should not automatically purchase another system that is the same size. Once you have done any upgrades to your home, there is a good chance that you would have made your home more energy efficient. For example, if you changed your windows or added more insulation, then you wouldn’t require as much cooling. With that said, if you have made your home bigger, then you will likely need a bigger system. 

So, you will need the AC contractor to complete a load calculation according to a well known method like ACCA’s Manual J. When they evaluate your home, they should also add if you need any work done on your ducts. Also, you should insure that the indoor evaporator and condenser should be of the same brand in order to be efficient and perform well. If you don’t match them, then the efficiency would be compromised. For industrial supplies click here.

By getting a new system, you can expect it to run 20 – 40% more efficiently when compared to older AC systems from 10+ years ago. The cost of installing a new central AC will depend heavily on your home, if you need ductwork, size of the system etc.