Things to Consider When You Decide To Have Solar Panels for Your Homes

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The checklist for a photovoltaic solar panel installation project can be very long. However, if you’re going to ask me, there must be at least four (4) significant factors that should always be on someone’s checklist. It’s specifically about resources, land, but also security, and even setbacks. All of these factors should be included in your checklist because they are some of the main factors that will tell you whether to move towards this type of project or not. They can also interconnect with each other, which means that they can also complement each other.


One of the most important factors to consider when planning the installation of a pv panel is nothing more than the availability of resources. It is mainly about the quality of the solar radiation in the place where you will place it.


Second, on the other hand, you also need to secure the ground first. The minimum land requirement is 2 hectares for every megawatt-hour you plan to install. This only applies to flat terrain, not hilly terrain. However, this does not mean that you can no longer install it on hilly or slightly sloping terrain.


Third, safety is also a key factor for photovoltaic panels and related projects. This is because there is no point in installing them in the hope of receiving clean power while they are in the middle of a failure or exposed to a lot of human-caused damage. There should be no one around to throw stones at the panels. This is even though the panels are very durable.


Finally, you also need to think about the infrastructure failures related to solar photovoltaic panels. Besides, it must have an adequate easement of the places where human activities take place.

Benefits of solar energy

1. Using what is given

The amount of energy coming from the Sun is almost 70,000 times greater than the amount of electricity we consume. Each year, the Earth receives practically 4 million EJ (exajoules, equal to 10 to the power of 18) of energy, while humans “only” produce about 60 EJ of electricity. So why not take a fraction of this energy?

2. Money

Building a solar home can be expensive, sometimes it can cost up to $ 20,000 to buy and install solar panels, but there are many ways to do it yourself that can only cost you a few hundred dollars and still work very well. But once you install them, you can expect to save up to 60-70% on your electricity bills and get paid for solar panels within a few years.

3. being green

Since solar panels do not produce global warming gases, do not disturb nature, and are part of the roof, this power generation method is one of the most environmentally friendly.

4. The price of your house

Since many people value solar panels and free electricity, your property’s price will increase if you decide to use solar panels. Even if you install solar panels yourself for a few hundred dollars, it can add several thousand dollars to the value of your home.

5. Electricity during power outages

If you go to a place with frequent power outages, you may be one of the few people in the area who can use electricity, like the Sun at its peak can provide you with 1000 W / m ^ 2.