Things to consider when buying a fence post driver

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Building fences allow ranch owners and managers to protect their pasture from predatory animals. At the same time, they can keep their livestock from wandering away from the place. To construct a fence, you have to erect fence posts. Earlier, you had to do this task manually. You could easily carry this task out at a young age. But with ageing, it cannot feel effortless. Plus, you may have other essential jobs also that deserve your time and attention more. If you want to complete this part of your ranching and farming work quickly, you can think of investing in a post driver.

Fortunately, you get multiple options in post drivers nowadays. They are cost-effective and quite efficient tools. Still, you would want to select the best one for your fencing requirements. Here are some suggestions to guide you in this direction.


You need to find out a product that would maximize your productivity. Like business, the ranching and farming work also need quick completion of tasks as everything involves time and money. If the current system needs handling by multiple hands or consumes more hours while one person would have been enough, you have to search for an efficient alternative. It should help you reduce labour costs.

Easy to transfer

If you have a larger farm or ranch, you would have to cover the entire area while operating. With traditional and hydraulic posts, you can feel uncomfortable because of their bulky weight or size. You can manage tasks with them in smaller areas. But bigger operations required in remote locations or difficult access points would suffer until you have a compact unit. So, before you choose anything, know your property size and potential hurdles. You would have to dig out a lighter and transferable post driver for such areas.


Some people can avoid this investment because of the thought of spending money. But you have to measure its utility against return on investment. For example, you can immediately cut down your labour expenses. You would not have to burden your health, which can be impossible with traditional fencing units. If you need it only once, you can take it on rent. Or, you can go ahead and buy one based on the frequency of use. So, in essence, don’t follow this with a biased mind. Understand the fencing requirements and labour costs before you decide anything.

Ease of maintenance

Another thing you can be careful about is how you have to maintain them. If something can serve you for a long-time without rigorous cleaning, you don’t need to hesitate. For confidence, you can go through product reviews and ratings. See what others are speaking about it.

In stores, you would come across different options, of which a gas-powered post driver can be quite powerful. You can learn about their features and characteristics from product details and then opt for one of them. Other than this, air-powered models can also be there. You have to look for a tool that makes your fencing job easy and smart.