The Zig-Zag Brick Wall-Office Interiors |  Neogenesis+Studi0261

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The Zig-Zag Brick Wall-Office Interiors |  Neogenesis+Studi0261

Design concept:

Workplaces are the controlling factor in shaping the mental health of the employees and creates an impression on the clients too. The architects realized this hence the core focus was creating a space with gravitas and at the same time affable. The building materials as well as landscaping elements were kept to their natural forms and followed the steps to minimalism. This project creates a benchmark in offices which are – friendly.

Space organization:

The entire office has detailed pockets within itself which are sitting spaces targeting different users.

Upon entering, the reception holds the serpentine lounge which stands apart from the rest of the space and concurrently provides a visual frame on entering.

The balcony behind the reception desk adds an avant-garde touch to the conventional idea of an office, which was carved out on the eastern façade of the building, which retains mild sunlight and enjoys a scenic ambience.

The zig-zag brick wall breaks the simplistic aura of the office interiors. The workspace is enveloped by a large number of trees as a courtesy of the location; and openings that allow ample of daylight and ventilation were enlarged on the north eastern façade throughout the space as the client emphasised on the influence of natural light.


Project name  : Office 402

Architect’ Firm:  Neogenesis+Studi0261

Lead Architects:   AR. Chinmay Laiwala, AR. Jigar Asarawala, AR. Tarika Asarawala

Design Team    : ID. Rohan Khatri

Project location:Surat, India

Completion Year: January’2017

Gross Built Area :  1900sq.ft

Photo credits: The fishy project, Ishita Sitwala  

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