The simple DIY procedure to cut tempered glass

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Just like many other products in the market, glass is available in many types. With a rapid change in technology new types of products are available every day and with this comes the need an eye of a best product hunter. One of the best glass’ technology is tempered glass, which is a safety glass that is designed in such a way that, on breakage, it shatters into small pieces. Tempered glass is prepared via thermal tempering. In this way, the glass is hardened by making it go under the heating treatment, which strengthens it and makes it safer and stronger than the conventional glass.

When the glass is tempered it causes compression on the outer surface and tension in the interior. Due to which when the tempered glass is broken it gets shattered into small pieces preventing the chances of accident and injury due to glass.

Nowadays, tempered glass is being used for various commercial and household purposes. Due to its strength and safety, it is being preferred in the architectural and decorative application of the house. It is finding applications in many places like shower enclosures, like a glass of windows, in the glass railings and certain other applications.

Can we cut tempered glass?

Certain times when you order a glass there are chances of mismeasurement or that wrong size glass is delivered to you. Now the question comes in such a situation when you have a wrong dimension glass what do you do to get it to accommodate in the right place or is it possible to cut the tempered glass.

There are some notions that if once a glass is tempered it can’t be cut or if trying to cut a tempered glass it will result in shattering of the glass. However, it is not correct. Though the tempered glass is prepared by the treatment, which strengthens it and cutting it is a difficult process but by following the right procedure, you can cut the tempered glass to the desired dimensions of use. However, before cutting annealing is required for the tempered glass. We are mentioning the steps to cut the tempered glass by following which you end up with an accurate piece of glass.

DIY Procedure to cut tempered glass

Cutting the tempered glass is not similar to the ordinary glass. The special method is needed to be adopted to cut the tempered glass. In the discussion below, we will share the procedure that needs to be adopted for cutting a tempered glass.

Before cutting the tempered glass it has to go through a process known as annealing under which the glass is passed through the heat to untampered the glass after which it can be cut. We will discuss this process to provide you a detailed idea of the technique.

1) Before heading to the process first, clean the glass thoroughly so that there should be no dust particles over the tempered glass

2) Annealing the glass: Once the glass surface is cleaned then it is passed through the Annealing process. Under the process, tempered glass is heated nearly to 1,000 °F (538 °C), and then it is slowly cooled down.

3) Once the glass is cooled you will see that the tempered layer over the glass surface is loosened. Again, clean the glass using the glass cleaner and a clean cloth. It will help you to get a clean cutting of the glass.

4) Now, mark the required dimension on the glass for cutting. Use accurate measurements and proper marking tools to be precise while cutting the tempered glass.

5) Use the glass cutter over the marked dimension. Run the glass cutter in the straight line along the drawn dimension with the moderate pressure over the glass surface. Run the cutter only once in the straight line.

6) Put the dowel under the line and apply the moderate pressure on the glass surface along both sides of the dowel. If you have followed the upper mentioned steps properly, you will get the glass of the required dimensions correctly.

7) Now, since you get the desired dimensions glass now you need to smoothen the edges of the glass. To get the smooth edges sand the edges with the sandpaper. It will not only smoothen the edges and make it easy to carry but will also strengthen it.

8) Once you are finally finished with the cutting now you need to re temper your glass. Moreover, after it, you will have the final piece of tempered glass of your requirement.

If you follow the above-mentioned procedure in the right order and use, the proper tools for the job. You can cut your tempered glass with ease.

Precautions and Tips While Cutting the Tempered Glass

  • Use gloves and tongs while heating the glass in order to avoid burning
  • Keep fire extinguishing equipment to avoid any case of an accident
  • Use mask to avoid exposure to any hazardous gas during the process
  • There are chances of tiny particles to get scattered in the air while cutting which can damage your eyes so it is necessary to wear safety goggles during the process
  • Take the measurements properly to get the right dimension of glass after cutting
  • Run the cutter only once over the glass with moderate pressure
  • Follow the procedure properly and use the right tools to cut the tempered glass
  • Keep the children away while cutting the tempered glass in order to prevent any kind of accident

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DIY Procedure to cut tempered glass

-First step is to clean the glass thoroughly so that there is not any dust or residue.

-Once the glass surface is cleaned, now starts the annealing process of tempered glass. Tempered glass is heated nearly to 538°C.

-Once the glass is cooled down, clean the glass surface again with a cloth and a cleaner. It will help you to get a clean cutting of glass.

-Mark the glass with required dimensions. Use accurate measurement tools and proper marking tool for a precise cutting.

-Use a glass cutter on the marked line. Run the glass cutter straight on the glass surface with moderate pressure.

-Put a dowel under the line and apply pressure on both sides of the dowel. Glass will cut into two pieces.

-Now smooth the edges of glass with a sandpaper.It will not only smoothen the edges but also make it easy to carry.

-After you finished cutting and smoothing the edges of glass. You now have your desired size of tempered glass sheet.