Santa Rosa Roofing Tips for Spring Cleaning Checklist Santa Rosa CA

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Spring is the time when your heart leaps with joy to welcome the beautiful season of sunny days and chirping birds that fill the air with happiness. It is also the time to spruce up your home by taking up the annual cleaning exercise that begins by inspecting the roof, a task that you must entrust to the Roofing Professionals in Santa Rosa, CA – Titan Roofing and Construction. How to go about planning and executing the work will become clear on going through this article.

The roof accumulates moisture over the winter months, and the first step is to dry the roof entirely so that it remains in that conditions for days to come. In addition to drying the roof, you must carry out a thorough inspection to detect any damage and repair it immediately so that the roof lasts its designated life. The roof deserves maximum attention because it is the most crucial part of the building structure and the most expensive.

Since the roof must withstand maximum weather abuse, it is the first place to start cleaning the building by following the steps mentioned below.

Arrange for a roof inspection

No spring-cleaning schedule is complete without roof inspection, which is mandatory to assess the building’s health after the harsh winter months. The roof inspection will provide a health report of the roof so that you can take necessary action to fortify its strength to perform satisfactorily for the remaining part of its life. The winter plays havoc on the roofing materials, and it might be necessary to replace some damaged and missing shingles. Inspecting the roof as soon as the winter subsides will help to prevent further damages. Professional roofing experts can spot damages early, including those that might seem innocuous but can turn dangerous if allowed to persist. The roof’s age can make it susceptible to damage for which you must arrange inspections more frequently.

Keep the gutters clean

When talking about roof maintenance, do not forget to include the gutters because these are integral to the roofing system. Leaking roofs is the most common problem, and most of it happens due to clogged gutters. Some cracks might be so deep that water can penetrate through it to reach the walls and the adjoining parts of the ceiling and cause widespread damage. Debris like leaves and sticks and dirt and dust accumulate on the roof, and the wind drives it towards the gutters, which gradually becomes clogged with time and prevents water flowing through the pipes. The collected water then finds its way to other unwanted places of the building, including the foundation, and damages it. Cleaned gutters will ensure proper drainage of water and protect the building, and the frequency of cleaning depends on the weather of the place.

In addition to annual spring cleaning, roof inspection after a spell of bad weather is mandatory because of the high chances of roof damage.  The only way to avoid costly roof repair is to undertake preventive maintenance to take care of minor damages before it can become problematic.