• The Orchard House Is A Weekend Retreat For A Family In Pune | Ipsa Design Consultants

    The Orchard House is a weekend retreat for a family in Pune. A sprawling orchard flanked by hills on the southern side and offering a panoramic view of the backwater and distant hills on the northern side serves as the setting.

    Editor’s Note: “Sitting atop a contoured site, this retreat home in Pune offers commanding views of the estate and the landscape. Inspired by the neo-vernacular architectural style, the residence seamlessly blends contemporary design concepts with a tropical aesthetic. Its exterior, characterized by a rugged stone wall, merges harmoniously with the carefully curated interiors. Crowned by a Mangalore tile sloping roof, the dwelling exudes an ambience of tranquillity and nostalgia, inviting a sense of comfort and serenity.” ~Simran Khare

    The Orchard House Is A Weekend Retreat For A Family In Pune | Ipsa Design Consultants

    weekend retreat

    Exquisite Location

    The house sits on the highest point in the orchard, offering commanding views of the estate and the landscape beyond.

    weekend retreat

    The house experiments with neo-vernacular style, expressing contemporary design ideas in a tropical design vocabulary.

    weekend retreat

    weekend retreat

    weekend retreat

    Design Brief

    The design brief given by the clients was minimal. A common livingdiningkitchen area, three bedrooms and a store for farm produce. The design interprets these programmatic spaces as communal and individual spaces.

    weekend retreat

    weekend retreat

    weekend retreat

    The central volume of the building consists of common areas like the living, dining, and kitchen. An expansive, sloping roof covered in Mangalore clay tiles caps this double-height volume. 

    weekend retreat

    weekend retreat


    The bedrooms are the individual spaces plugged into the main central volume. Architectural elements like passages, stairways, or bridges accentuate and intersperse the transition from communal to individual spaces.

    weekend retreat

    weekend retreat

    The dichotomy of communal and individual is expressed in the massing of the building. The house sits on a contoured site, so the natural ground level is used to segregate the communal and individual spaces at various levels.

    Load Bearing Structure

    The structure is load-bearing with composite basalt stone and red brick masonry walls that run parallel in the north-south direction.

    The walls in between the parallel composite walls are red brick walls that run in an east-west direction. These walls have deeply recessed and large openings. 

    This enables the house to draw light, wind, and views of the hills to the south and the orchard and backwaters to the north.

    The building borrows heavily from the architectural vocabulary of the region it sits in. The square rubble masonry walls, hipped roof, timber doors, window frames, and shutters, to name a few. 

    Most of the wooden elements, like the door and window frames, shutters, and even the furniture items, have been reused or repurposed from the previous house the clients owned.

    The building integrates with the landscape through terraced patios and lawns. The cobbled pathways, the canopy of existing trees, and the monumental stone walls impart a nostalgic yet eternal charm reminiscent of mediaeval castles.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Ipsa Design Consultants

    Project Type: Residential Architecture Design

    Project Name: The Orchard House

    Location: Pune

    Year Built: 2024

    Duration of the project: 4 Years

    Plot Area: 1.5 Acre

    Built-up Area: 2500 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect: Ar. Ajay Mane

    Team Design Credits: Ar. Pradnya Diwan & Ar. Rutuparna Diwan

    Photograph Courtesy: Shoot My Space

    Site Enginner: Sandip Pawli

    Civil: Sandip Rangdal

    Products / Materials / Vendors: Wallcovering / Cladding – Brick Tiles –AJ Multi-Tech , Aurangabad / Lighting – White Teak Company, Hybec, Vishwadeep Enterprises / Sanitaryware – Jaquar / Furniture –Afday / Flooring –Rangoli Cera, Pune / Paint – Asian Paints

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Ipsa Design Consultants

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